New Literature

Compilation of print and digital information resources for the municipal water and wastewater markets.

Gas shutoff system

The new Hexacon Model III control system is a toxic gas multi-actuator valve controller.

Valve systems

Flomatic Corp. products are compliant with the new Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act that will go into effect Jan. 4, 2014.

Quick Fix: Insertion Valve Enables Rapid Repair of Water Main

Faced with a ruptured pipe and aging and inoperative valves, the City of Wyoming, MI, turned to Advanced Valve Technologies to supply an insertion valve to shut off the broken main.

Surge protection

In addition to protecting systems against power surges and pump failures, the OCV Model 118-4 control valve operates in conjunction with the Surge Commander III, which functions via solid state cir...

Insertable valves

The InsertValve™ from Team Industrial Services provides "valve control today and pipe replacement tomorrow."

ACE Exhibitor Products

Collection of ACE Exhibitor Products products and services.

Check valve

The ProFlex™ 750 manufactured by Proco Products is designed to be the answer to enclosed body check valve requirements for slurry applications.

Mag meter

The Singer Model 106-SPI-MV is a Single Point Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Meter, installed and calibrated in conjunction with a Singer Valve to provide an accurate flow rate.

Valve systems

Triton Rubber Seated Butterfly Valves by Henry Pratt are commonly used in the water and wastewater industries and conform to AWWA C504 requirements.


William Frick & Co

Manufactures curb and storm drain markers, flexible and domed marker posts, buried warning tape, custom labels and signs, barcodes, valve tags and more.


Sodium Hypochlorite off gasses at a much higher rate in high concentrations than it does at low concentrations. Dilution can help eliminate vapor-locked pumps, exploding ball valves and liquid/gas ...

ProFlex Rubber Check Valves Series 700

The Proco Series 700 rubber check valves are a cost effective way to control back pressure from effluent operations. Offered as direct replacements for ineffective and maintenance-ridden flap type ...

ZS Strainer

The ZS Strainer is designed to protect control valves and pipelines from foreign matter and debris in the flow stream while providing a smooth laminar flow.