Product Showcase

Cues offers various self-contained portable systems for CCTV inspection.

Power Precautions: Analyzing Pump Startup and Shutdown Best Practices

Many important factors should be considered during pump transient conditions, such as startups and/or shutdowns, to help minimize the pressure and power stresses related to those processes.

Check valve brochures

Val-Matic released brochures of two check valves: its Swing-Flex® that features a streamlined contoured body, providing a 100% unrestricted flow area, and its Surgebuster® that features the patente...

Valve catalog

Red Valve's 28-page, condensed catalog includes all of the latest information on its quality pinch valves, Tideflex® Check Valves, non-clogging air diffusers, Redflex® Expansion Joints, and other f...

Valve key sockets

Lowell's valve key sockets help open valves that have badly-worn or corroded nuts.

Product Review: Pumps, Mixers & Agitators

Collection of product and news announcements focused on Pumps, Mixers, and Agitators.

Products & Services

Compilation of product and news announcements focused on Products & Services

Pressure data logging

Maid Labs Technologies' PressureMaid is a small pressure monitoring and data logging device.

Check valve

Val-Matic's Tilted Disc® Check Valve provides quick closure, drop tight seating and reduction in water hammer with its 40° disc stroke and 20° seating angle.

Power supply

Halogen Valve Systems' instrument power supply with battery power provides uninterrupted 24 VDC for standard monitoring equipment.


William Frick & Co

Manufactures curb and storm drain markers, flexible and domed marker posts, buried warning tape, custom labels and signs, barcodes, valve tags and more.


Sodium Hypochlorite off gasses at a much higher rate in high concentrations than it does at low concentrations. Dilution can help eliminate vapor-locked pumps, exploding ball valves and liquid/gas ...

ProFlex Rubber Check Valves Series 700

The Proco Series 700 rubber check valves are a cost effective way to control back pressure from effluent operations. Offered as direct replacements for ineffective and maintenance-ridden flap type ...

ZS Strainer

The ZS Strainer is designed to protect control valves and pipelines from foreign matter and debris in the flow stream while providing a smooth laminar flow.