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Ecosystem news and technical articles from WaterWorld Magazine. Search Ecosystem latest and archived news and articles

  1. Giorgio Armani, GCI announce fifth successive year of Acqua for Life campaign

    Online Articles

    Mon, 23 Mar 2015

    also include awareness-raising among fishermen and workers in small mines of the widespread bad practices that endanger ecosystems and water safety for the entire population that relies on the Bia River. AFL and GCI will also support Senegalese communities

  2. WaterWorld Weekly - Mar. 23, 2015


    Sat, 21 Mar 2015

    and, and my folks on my project team, to really be doing things that for us in our careers, we know are benefitting the ecosystem and the people that use those resources. So having the water [UNKNOWN] that top-notch committee take the time to look

    Ecosystem found at 6:03

    things that for us in our careers, we know are benefitting the ecosystem and the people that use those resources. So having the water [UNKNOWN] that top-notch committee take the time to look at it
  1. Product Focus: Leveraging Nature to Reduce Waste, Odor in Lagoons


    Thu, 19 Mar 2015

    odor. Aerated, attached-growth media is provided to convert residual soluble carbon into attached biosolids. An entire ecosystem develops in this niche where worms and insect larvae consume the biosolids and convert them into castings. When the water

  2. Calgary WWTP houses world's first fully integrated wastewater research facility

    Online Articles

    Tue, 17 Mar 2015

    to cleaner water, a better protected ecosystem and improved public health. An idea ..... and emerging contaminants to improve ecosystem and human health, creating clean, sustainable ..... actual wastewater effluent on living ecosystems in real-time and to influence decision

  3. WERF, WEF to advance LIFT program through new water quality industry opportunities

    Online Articles

    Tue, 17 Mar 2015

    develop platforms and web applications to support innovation; facilitate and grow a national and international innovation ecosystem ; mitigate and manage new technology risk; and identify new regulatory and policy approaches to create the space for innovation

  4. The Global Push for Zero


    Mon, 16 Mar 2015

    remained a strong, central community backbone, and has been for nearly a century. Still today, OUC's concern for the local ecosystem is as central to its business model as its ability to provide dependable, low-cost electric and water services to its more

  5. NGWA announces launch of National Groundwater Awareness Week

    Online Articles

    Mon, 9 Mar 2015

    provides drinking water to about 132 million Americans, supplies surface freshwater bodies, waters crops, and supports ecosystems ," said NGWA Public Awareness Director Cliff Treyens. "The same is true throughout the world. That is why it is so important

  6. EPA awards $8M in Great Lakes Restoration Initiative grants to combat invasive species

    Online Articles

    Fri, 6 Mar 2015

    invasive species that pose significant risks to the Great Lakes ecosystem ." Since 2010, EPA has funded more than 80 GLRI projects ..... watershed. Removing invasive species from this globally rare ecosystem will benefit plants, animals and natural communities. Cuyahoga

  7. SNC, USFS launch Watershed Improvement Program in response to ongoing risks

    Online Articles

    Thu, 5 Mar 2015

    s drinking water originates." The WIP is a large-scale watershed restoration program designed to address a variety of ecosystem health issues in the Sierra Nevada. Restoring streams and meadows, improving habitat conditions, preserving working landscapes

  8. Water Council announces Round III of The Brew accelerator program

    Online Articles

    Fri, 27 Feb 2015

    resources and energy. Coupled with the number of large global businesses and academic presence, this provides a multi-faceted ecosystem for entrepreneurs to collaborate and grow their business." See also: " Water Council names first director of finance and