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WaterWorld Weekly - Nov. 25, 2013

Wed, 25 Dec 2013|

Georgia Power dedicates new Water Research Center; San Diego approves water rate increase; App provides insight to water investors; ADB supports wastewater reuse in China



[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Angela Godwin for WaterWorld magazine bringing you this week's water and wastewater news headlines. Coming up. [SOUND] Georgia Power dedicates new water research center. San Diego approves water rate increase. App provides insight to water investors. ADB supports wastewater reuse in China. [SOUND] A new first of its kind water research center at one of Georgia Power's largest generation facilities will focus on finding new ways to reduce, conserve, and improve the quality of water returned to the environment. From power plants. the water research center from plant Bowen near Centerville Georgia will provide a site for testing technologies to address water withdraw and consumption. As well as more ways to recycle or improve the quality of any water returned to the environment. The facility was made possible through a partnership with the Electric Power Research Institute, the Southern Research Institute, and 14 other companies aligned with the power generation industry. The research center will focus on seven distinct research areas of study: moisture recovery, cooling tower and advanced cooling systems, FGD process wastewater treatment, zero liquid discharge, solid landfill water management. Carbon technology water issues and water modeling, monitoring and best management practices. It's expected to yield industry wide insights so it will help power companies minimize the use of water and increase conservation. San Diego city council has approved a new rate structure for the city going from a three tiered structure to a four tiered system that's expected to boost revenue 7.25%. In 2014. The heaviest water users will see the most impact with rates possibly doubling under the new structure. Officials said the rate hike was necessary in large part because of the higher cost of water from wholesaler Metropolitan Water District. For the past two years, the public utilities department has absorbed these costs. to prevent a rate increase but continuing to do so would have affected its ability to repay its bond debt, making a rate hike necessary. A new app aims to help investors and financial advisors to become more aware of water challenges and investment opportunities. The app comes from investment firm [Kalahari] Investments. Who says interest in water as an investing opportunity is growing. Through the water investing app, the company hopes to educate individuals and financial professionals about the global water crisis through news, photos, water crisis facts. Expert commentary and analysis and updates on the performance of the Calvert Global Water Fund. The app is available for both Apple and Android mobile devices. [SOUND] In international news, through a $240 million private sector loan package, the Asian development bank aims to help China confront its enormous water challenges by improving the quality of waste water. Water management and reuse. Water infrastructure, Beijing Enterprises Water Group Ltd. will use the funds to upgrade waste water treatment plants to meet the grade 1A standard, which means that the water can be reused for industry cooling, and watering city gardens. This will help treat an additional 600 million tons of waste water annually by 2019. A portion of the money will be used to promote the reuse of waste water in cities across China. [SOUND] For Water World magazine, I'm Angela Godwin. Thanks for watching. [MUSIC]

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