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WaterWorld Weekly - Jan. 27, 2014

Mon, 27 Jan 2014|

WV water quality steadily improves; Drought officially declared in California; U.S. Water Prize winners announced; Global water crisis discussed in Davos



Hi. I'm Angela Godwin for WaterWorld magazine bringing you this week's Water and Waste Water news headlines. Coming up: West Virginia water quality steadily improves; draught officially declared in California; US Water Prize winners announced. Global Water Crisis discussed in Davos. Following the January 9th chemical spill in Charleston, West Virginia, ongoing water sampling and testing results indicate that the water quality is slowly returning to normal. The tests show nondetectable or extremely low levels of MCHM throughout the distribution system. Last week, twelve days after the spill, Freedom Industries, the owners of the storage tank that leaked the contaminant into the Elk River. Disclose that an additional chemical PPH was also part of the spill. In a release the CDC indicated that given the small amount of PPH in the tank and the initial review of available toxilogic data the information does not suggest any new health concerns. In the aftermath of the incident a flurry of law suits have been filed against Freedom Industries as well as West Virginia American Water and Eastman Chemical Company. Freedom Ministries filed for Chapter VII bankruptcy protection on January 17th. [SOUND] Although most Californians have been aware of the devastating drought that's been building over the past three years, now it's official. On Friday, January 17th, California Governor Jerry Brown proclaimed a drought state of emergency and directed state officials to take all necessary actions to prepare for the dry conditions. Several water agencies came out in support of Governor Brown's announcement and then urged their customers to redouble their conservation efforts. Nevertheless, many water providers, San Diego County water authority, water replenishment district of southern California, and American states water company, to name a few said that despite the drought, they expect to be able to continue providing customers with adequate water supply. Now in its fourth year the coveted US water prize aims to elevate those organizations with strategies that promote the value of water, and the power of innovating and integrating for one water sustainability. The US water alliance has announced this year's winners and they are: The Alliance for Water Efficiency. American Water, Metropolitan Sewer District of greater Cincinnati, and Orange County Water District and Sanitations Districts Ground Water Replenishment System. America's future looks bright blue with these shining water stars said Ben Grumbles, President of the US Water Alliance. Our 2014 winners are leading the way by reducing water waste. Reusing water resources and rethinking watershed strategies and technologies. The winners will be honored at an awards ceremony, on April 7th, in Washington D.C.. In international news, the World Economic Forum's annual meeting took place last week, attracting more than 2,500 participants from around the world to Davos Switzerland. Among the topics being discussed. The world water crisis. In its Global Risks 2014 report released just a few weeks ago, the World Economic Forum put the world water crisis at number three out of 31 risks it says have the potential to cause significant negative impact. Among those championing the safe water cause was actor Matt Damon, cofounder, along with Gary White, of the humanitarian group, water.org. In particular, Damon was talking about and seeking support for the concept of microfinancing, that has enabled water.org to help more than five million people gain access to clean water and sanitation through water credits. For his work with water.org, Damon was recognized with the World Economic Award with a crystal award. This is a problem that has a solution. The poor themselves are the solution. The power of the poor, not as recipients of charity. But as citizens, as consumers. Because when somebody is willing to give them a chance to give them a small loan, they're able to take their fate into their own hands, install a toilet or connect to a water utility that, for them, is literally a lifeline. A pathway to a better life. Visit water.org to learn more about the organization. And, for more information on the World Economic Forum's annual meeting, visit weforum.org. For WaterWorld magazine, I'm Angela Godwin. Thanks for watching [MUSIC]