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Wasser Berlin 2013 - Day Two Wrap Up

Tue, 23 Apr 2013|

Wasser Berlin 2013 - Day Two Wrap Up



[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Tom Freyberg from Water and Wastewater International Magazine and Waterworld TV. And some of [UNKNOWN] highlights from Wasser Berlin International included the opening keynote address. A handful of key important figures gave speeches on the importance of water [UNKNOWN]. And Jorg Simon, the chairman of Wasser Berlin, discussed the challenges facing the water sector in the future. The major topics are, adaption strategies to climate change, the drinking water treatment, waste water treatment, industrial water,. Operation and maintenance of our water infrastructure management of companies. Benchmarking of companies and prices management. The congress should offer solutions and ideas. We also heard from his excellency doctor engineer Abdul [UNKNOWN] Khalifa. Minister of drinking water and sanitation in Egypt. He thanks the German water sector for the help in revitalizing his country's infrastructure. I want to use this opportunity to thank the German government for their support restructuring the drinking and wastewater. industry, in Egypt during the last seven to eight years. Another keynote speaker was the Minister for Infrastructure and Environment in the Netherlands who highlighted the importance of countries working together when it comes to water management. And that's my main message to you today. Because, international cooperation. It's the only way to win the battle for clean pure water. [UNKNOWN] Federal minister for the environment also highlighted the importance of [UNKNOWN] water reuse. [UNKNOWN] for us to water efficiently and savingly. And [UNKNOWN] it is important to use water in cycles to recycle water, something. Self evident that Germany what which has to be explained to other civilizations that water which has run through a body can still be recycled. Our very own Thomas Lobe our German correspondent for Water World TV caught up with Stephan Nat the PR manager for Berlin Vassa Bacheba about the importance for utility to generate it's own. [FOREIGN] Whose the rainmaker? We think we've found out. We spoke to [UNKNOWN] to see [UNKNOWN] modular projects, one of Israel's national water company, to find out how they innovatively making it rain, capturing that water, and using it as part of their water supply. One of the unique methods that we use since 1962 is rain enhancement. What we do in the northern part of Israel, a, it's been a research that was going on, and we do it every year from April to November, is to way, rain enhancement is actually to understand the climate situation and to use the iodide in the clouds together with ovens. And special liquids that we locate in different mountains in the northern part of Israel. The situation is such that 60 million cubic meter of water, every year, are being produced from the rain enhancement. Which is about 15 to 18% of the water in the southern, in the northern part of Israel and the cost of it is about 20 cents for a cubic meter. So for that reason they. The committee of our company, you know, the rainmakers. Petra Stieninger from the German-American Chamber of Commerce for the midwest discuss how she's found to help US water companies work in Germany. Yeah, we see a lot of potential especially in taking advantage of the synergies between these two countries. And on the one hand, Germany and the U.S. together have more than 40% of all patents, worldwide in the water sector which is really an amazing number I think. But on the other hand Germany has one of the most efficient water systems in the world. And U.S. water infrastructure, or in general, the U.S. infrastructure really has to be renewed has to be improved and has to be made more efficient because. Old and yeah. As I've already told you today every other minute a pipe breaks in the US. So, that, there's a lot of investment that has to be one in the next some years. So as you can see, lots of activity here at Wasser Berlin International, lots going on throughout the week. Stay tuned at Wonderworld TV for more updates. .

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