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WaterWorld Weekly - July 21, 2014

Sun, 20 Jul 2014|

Website portal demystifies 'Buy American'; EPA awards over $2M in Urban Waters grants; PA community warned not to drink water; EPA proposes restrictions on development of Alaska's Pebble Mine



[MUSIC] Hi I'm Angela Godwin for Water World Magazine, brining you water and waste water news headlines, for the week of July 21st. Coming up. Website portal demystified Buy American. EPA awards over 2 million in urban waters grants. Pennsylvania community warned not to drink the water. EPA proposes restrictions on development of Alaska's Pebble Mine. To help provide information regarding the impact of Buy American provisions contained in recent water and wastewater infrastructure funding legislation, the Water and Wastewater Equipment Manufacturer's Association, or WWEMA, has developed a new website portal. What you should know about buy American. The new site covers guidance regarding interpretation of buy American language and enforcement of the requirement, as well as Wema's position, response and a strategy for promoting fair and open trade. It also contains a fact sheet on how buy American might affect your business, as well as examples of international responses to the provisions. To learn more, visit wema.org. The USCPA is awarding 2.1 Million Dollars through its urban waters program to help protect and restore urban waters, improve water quality and support community revitalization in 17 states and Puerto Rico. The grants range from 40,000 to $60,000 for projects taking place in areas for the line with the 18 designated urban waters federal. Partnership locations. Funded projects focus on one of three categories. Community greening and green infrastructure, communities and water quality data, and integration of water quality and community development in planning. To learn more about the program and the grant recipients, visit epa.gov/urbanwaters residents in a small Pennsylvania community in hazel township are being advise not to use water provided by Stockton water services for consumptive purposes the small water system that serves about 50 homes in the Stockton neighborhood is an unpermitted public water supply system that is providing unfiltered and untreated surface water to it's. Its customers. The water does not meet the Commonwealth's drinking water standards, and recent water samples taken by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection revealed the presence of giardiasis. Even boiling the water is not recommended as it may concentrate certain contaminates such as nitrates and metals that may also be in the water. DEP is recommending that residents use bottled water or water obtained from a DEP permanent water system. The USCPA announced a proposal on Friday that aims to protect Alaska's Bristol's Bay Water shed from the potential adverse affects posed by large scale copper mining at the pebble deposit. After conducting an environmental impact study EPA concluded that discharge of dread store film material would result in unprecedented irreversible damage to Bristol Bay's wet lands. Streams and world class salmon fisheries. The analysis focused on the smallest of three mine scenarios. A quarter of a billion ton mine that would be the largest open pit ever excavated in North America. The projected waste would fill a major football stadium up to 3,900. Times. As such, GPA outlined a set of restrictions and it's proposed determination, which represents the next step in the agency using it's authority, under section 404 C of the clean water act, to over ride the permitting authority, the Army Core of Engineers. The proposed determination is available for public comment through September 19th. To learn more, visit EPA.gov/BristolBay. For WaterWorld Magazine, I'm Angela Godwin. Thanks for watching. [MUSIC]

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