Watch our in-depth, documentary style videos providing an overview of water/wastewater developments in key countries.

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Brazil: Avoiding Future Water Woes

Aug 7, 2015 Brazil's worst drought in 80 years has seen the capital Sao Paulo take action to reduce consumption by 20-25%. With the city's two rivers both heavily polluted by industrial and municipal effluents...

Peru: Capturing 'Oceans in the Sky'

Aug 7, 2015 Receiving less than 1cm of rain a year and with water resources under threat, Peru's capital city Lima has had to get creative at high altitudes where municipal water departments cannot build reser...

Exporting Israel's Water Know-How

Aug 6, 2015 At the helm of Israeli water company -- Tahal -- current president and CEO, Saar Bracha, has doubled the company's sales to $220 million over the last four years. The company has grown internationa...
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