Forward Osmosis attracts funding for petrochemical wastewater recycling in Qatar

Oil and gas exploration company ConocoPhillips has secured a $700,000 grant from Qatar Foundation's Qatar National Research Fund to develop an application using Forward Osmosis technology to treat ...

Membrane technologies on the rise with increased global water scarcity, finds new report

Membrane treatment technologies are on the rise from an increase in global water scarcity as an efficient solution to purification and filtration.

CA water district's treated wastewater solids offer sustainable fertilizer alternative

The Vallecitos Water District advocates organic biosolid pellets as a less harmful and environmentally friendly alternative to chemical fertilizers.

NM, CA water reuse projects to receive $15.6M through Interior's WaterSMART program

Five Title XVI water reuse projects in California and New Mexico will receive $15.6 million through the Dept. of the Interior's WaterSMART program.

WERF accepting pre-proposals for 2013 Unsolicited Water Research Program

The Water Environment Research Foundation is now accepting pre-proposals under its 2013 Unsolicited Water Research Program.

Reed beds to filter East London’s drinking water from sludge

A £4.5 million reed bed system that will filter reservoir water to supply drinking water into parts of East London is now fully operational...

New NC recycling facility converts wastewater into biofuel

BlackGold Biofuels opened a recycling facility in Charlotte, N.C., for area restaurant kitchens' wastewater, converting it to biofuel.

American Water awarded grant to develop strategies for water systems contaminant

The WateReuse Research Foundation has awarded American Water a grant to develop risk management strategies for Legionella in reclaimed water systems.

Casablanca membrane wastewater reuse plant first in North Africa, says GDF Suez

The Médiouna facility inaugurated this week in the Greater Casablanca region of Morocco will treat wastewater from 40,000 people to be reused for agricultural irrigation...

Severn Trent to provide denitrification filter technology to China wastewater treatment plant

Severn Trent Services signed a contract to provide its denitrification filter technology to a China wastewater treatment plant.


Chlorinators Inc

Chlorinators Incorporated manufactures devices for use of chlorine gas in municipal and industrial water treatment an...

BioteQ Environmental Technologies

Water treatment company that provides proprietary process technologies to treat industrial wastewater to comply with ...

Solvay America Inc

Offers hydrogen peroxide, calcium peroxide, HFC fluoridation additives, sodium percarbonate, soda ash and peracetic a...


Water treatment products include Lewatit ion exchange and adsorber resins, functional polymers, gel-type cation excha...


Back-Flush System

Both KLa Sysyems' Slot Injector™ Aerators and jet aerators are available with an optional Back-Flush System, enabling...

Complete Systems

A typical Slot Injector™ system consists of the Slot Injector aerators, in-basin piping system, back-flush system, li...

Slot Injector™

The Slot Injector™ system is similar to a modern jet aerator but uses a slot-shaped configuration to achieve higher e...

Effluent Decanters

KLa Systems floating Effluent Decanters are used to draw clarified liquid from near the liquid surface of sequencing ...