Thirst for high purity water boosts global membrane market

The global challenge of water stress and scarcity has demanded water technology solutions such as membrane systems.

New water, wastewater opportunities predicted to arise from China's nuclear power sector

China's shrinking freshwater levels have compelled power plants to adopt water reuse and recycling treatment solutions.

Product Focus: Microwave-Powered UV Disinfection System Validated for Water Reuse

A new microwave-powered, open channel, ultraviolet system from Severn Trent Services is designed for municipal wastewater disinfection and water reuse applications, featuring greater operating cost...

Global wastewater reuse and recycling technologies market forecasted in new research report

A ReportsnReports.com study seeks to quantify wastewater recycling technologies markets based on global and regional development.

Global wastewater reuse, recycling markets expected to expand, research says

Global markets for wastewater recycling and reuse technologies continues to grow according to new Global Information research.

MWH Constructors awarded contract by El Toro Water District

MWH Constructors was contracted by ETWD for construction on the El Toro Recycled Water Expansion project in Orange County, Calif.

Groundwater supplies to be focus of CA advanced water treatment plant expansion

An expansion of a Long Beach water treatment plant will more than double the amount of recycled water to 8,000 acre feet, or 2.6 billion gallons, per year.

Studies show biosolids can boost phosphorus levels for years

New research shows how plant nutrients remain after wastewater biosolids have been applied to the soil. 

Water recycling technology to help two TX power plants reduce water usage

GE announced that its new wastewater treatment technology will be installed at two new natural gas-fueled, combined-cycle power plants in Texas.

Efficient water and wastewater management key to sustaining MENA's food and beverage industry

The Middle East and North Africa's (MENA's) wastewater content and overall water scarcity has emphasised the need to upgrade water management in its food and beverage industry.


Chlorinators Inc

Chlorinators Incorporated manufactures devices for use of chlorine gas in municipal and industrial water treatment an...

BioteQ Environmental Technologies

Water treatment company that provides proprietary process technologies to treat industrial wastewater to comply with ...

Solvay America Inc

Offers hydrogen peroxide, calcium peroxide, HFC fluoridation additives, sodium percarbonate, soda ash and peracetic a...


Water treatment products include Lewatit ion exchange and adsorber resins, functional polymers, gel-type cation excha...


Back-Flush System

Both KLa Sysyems' Slot Injector™ Aerators and jet aerators are available with an optional Back-Flush System, enabling...

Complete Systems

A typical Slot Injector™ system consists of the Slot Injector aerators, in-basin piping system, back-flush system, li...

Slot Injector™

The Slot Injector™ system is similar to a modern jet aerator but uses a slot-shaped configuration to achieve higher e...

Effluent Decanters

KLa Systems floating Effluent Decanters are used to draw clarified liquid from near the liquid surface of sequencing ...