La Plata to upgrade water system with advanced metering, remote disconnect

The Town of La Plata, Md., will upgrade its water system with Mueller Systems' state-of-the-art advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) network and remote disconnect meters (RDM)...

Smart water network to help Panama City, FL, with flow detection, customer service

Panama City, Florida's 36,000 residents will benefit from smart water network technologies now being installed throughout the city...

Itron to deploy wireless fixed network system in Moldova

Itron will provide more than 11,000 advanced residential water meters equipped with communication modules, as well as the fixed network infrastructure, to support customers in Floresti, Moldova...

Smart water grid expansion in Brazil for Sensus

Water smart grid technology provider Sensus has acquired a 15% equity position in Brazilian smart grid vendor CAS Tecnologia...

Case Study: Weatherford, OK, improves customer service, efficiency with Advanced Metering Infrastructure

To help improve customer service, water conservation and operational efficiency, the City of Weatherford, OK, recently replaced 5500 water meters and implemented an advanced metering infrastructure...

Right Sizing an AMR/AMI Solution

Consulting engineers often discuss the need to 'right-size' large commercial water meters to help ensure they are neither too large nor too small, while protecting against excessive wear from const...

Get the Most Out of Fixed-Network AMI

Utilities often justify fixed-network advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) as a way to efficiently collect meter data, eliminate estimated readings, and improve billing.

Commercial Meter Ownership Spurs Many Positive Results

The City of Somerville, MA, is located just north of the City of Boston, has a population over 75,000 and a land mass of only 4.1 square miles.

AMI Networks Offer Benefits Beyond Meter Reading

While many cities across the United States are still reading their meters manually, the trend for the past decade has been to automate that process.

Metering software

Neptune's N_SIGHT™ software suite can help enhance revenues, improve customer service and optimize system health.


Jet Mixing

Jet Mixers offer superior independent control of mixing and oxygen transfer in aerobic/anoxic processes creates excellent energy distribution while minimizing power input in large tanks.

Jet Aerator

Jet Aerators transfer oxygen by simultaneously introducing large volumes of high kinetic energy liquid and air through a series of jet nozzles.

Outotec Energy Products

Develops and implements fluidized bed combustion of biomass or other solid fuels for the production of renewable energy while reducing greenhouse gases.