Leakage detection company secures over £2 million to expand globally

UK-based pipeline monitoring company Syrinix has secured £2.1 million of investment which it will use to help develop the company internationally...

Use of asset management practices in water sector to grow over next five years

A new study indicates strong growth in the use of asset management practices within the water industry over the next five years. 

Asset Management: Using Alternative Materials to Address Replacement Cost and Maintenance Concerns

In the 21st century, water utility management professionals for both water and sewer systems strive to implement asset management programs in order to better manage their aging wet infrastructure.

French-Chinese partnership to deliver Shuangliu wastewater treatment plant

A joint venture between a SUEZ Environment subsidiary and Chinese firm will deliver a 25-year partnership to manage eight wastewater treatment plants and construct a new 250,000 m3/day facility...

World’s largest desalination plant planned for Saudi Arabia

The Saline Water Conversion Corporation is planning on building a 600,000 m3/day desalination facility, set for completion in 2018...

Cloud-Covered: How Web-based Systems Are Helping Utilities Improve Operations

A cloud-based managed service and outsourcing program developed by a utility for utilities leverages experience with customer information systems, automated metering infrastructure and asset manage...

Exercising Options: Outsourced Hydrant Assessment Program Pays Off

The City of Austin, Texas, is in the fifth year of a hydrant assessment program that has reduced the number of hydrants out of service at a given time from 80 to less than 10 hydrants out of 25,000...

Missing Piece? How Outside Contractors Are Helping Utilities Fill Non-Core Functions and Become More Productive

Conversations about outsourcing and contract operations in the municipal water industry have traditionally focused on larger scale public private partnerships. However, there has been a growing tre...

Valve & Fluid Control

Bingham & Taylor has introduced the Buffalo brand "No Vac" Valve Box Sealed System.

Tanzanian Tales: Why PPP Failed to Scale a Mountain of Water Problems

The case of privatisation in Tanzania can be seen as an example of how international vendors should not enter a developing market. The following article is based on the World Bank white paper: A ca...


Jet Mixing

Jet Mixers offer superior independent control of mixing and oxygen transfer in aerobic/anoxic processes creates excellent energy distribution while minimizing power input in large tanks.

Jet Aerator

Jet Aerators transfer oxygen by simultaneously introducing large volumes of high kinetic energy liquid and air through a series of jet nozzles.

Outotec Energy Products

Develops and implements fluidized bed combustion of biomass or other solid fuels for the production of renewable energy while reducing greenhouse gases.