Next Generation Mag Flow Meter Helps Davidson with Non-Revenue Water


Today it is estimated that the average US Drinking Water facility loses 20%+ of its finished volume to non-revenue water.  Non-revenue water is water that has been processed and left the plant but remains unaccounted for in terms of delivery and billing.  Davidson Water, located in Lexington, North Carolina, is one of the largest privately owned, rural water systems in the world.  As the Davidson Water management team and staff looked forward to the county’s growth and needs of their customers, they targeted non-revenue water as a key area for improvement.  
Davidson Water contacted the W.K. Hile and the McCrometer Applications Group to review their non-revenue water loss problem and flow meter options. The McCrometer team recommended the FPI MagTM Flow Meter.  Its accuracy, application flexibility and ease of installation made the FPI Mag Flow Meter stand out from other flow measurement technologies. Click here to read the case study:

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