What Makes an Effective Odor Control Cover System Design?


A common side effect of wastewater treatment processes is the unpleasant odor that can linger near the plant. Neighbors, offended by the odors, expect a resolution.

This white paper examines potential solutions to the odors produced by wastewater treatment plants and presents specific considerations in the design of odor control cover systems. Although the basic concept for an odor control cover system is simple—cover a wastewater tank in order to capture odorous offgas, then remove and treat the odors—there are many factors to consider when it comes time to design a cover solution.

Design considerations reviewed in this white paper include: gastightness, accessibility, safety during access, cover height, penetrations, and custom-designed elements of the cover. This white paper was written to help treatment plant operators select a cover solution that allows tanks to be securely covered, thereby resolving odor issues, while still providing easy access to internal components for maintenance.  

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