Boost Capacity and Efficiency, While Minimizing Upgrade Costs in Water Treatment Plants


Many Water and Waste Water Treatment Plants (W/WWTP) are facing increased demand, but are limited by capacity and/or input power.  Also, the cost of electric power is a major portion of operating expense in these facilities.

This paper covers two related topics.  First is a case study of increased efficiency and capacity with the installation of a Yaskawa MV1000 Medium Voltage Variable Frequency Drive (VFD).   The efficiency gain results in a payback of < 2 years for the project.

The second topic is a novel approach to providing the gains of a VFD installation to a plant powered from 2400V.  Installing a 2400V VFD will provide the benefits described above.  However, many of these older facilities may, in the future, be converted to 4160V.  This can result in a very expensive drive replacement.  The Yaskawa MV1000 offers a unique solution for a cost effective upgrade.

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