Water equipment production line factory inaugurated in Spain city

Juan Vicente Herrera, president of Castilla and Léon, Spain, inaugurated a new Toro Equipment/Indemat production line factory in Villavaquerín.

Drinking water tops poll of best ‘inventions’

Drinking water and sanitation have been voted as the most important chemically engineered inventions and solutions of the modern era, according to ...

Wastewater wetlands’ life expectancy could double, under new EU research

A €1.1 million EU-backed study at Nottingham Trent University is addressing how to prevent the clogging and increase the life expectancy of re...

Wastewater treatment plant in Vigo to receive UV technologies

Xylem has won a contract valued at approximately $2.75 million to supply Wedeco-brand ultraviolet (UV) technologies to a wastewater treatment facil...

Europe oil, gas field produced water to be treated with oil-gas separation technology

APATEQ announces first delivery of oil-water separation product for European customer to treat hydraulic fracturing, oil production produced water.

U.S. pump market benefits from new online training platform

A new online training platform serving professionals in the pump industry was launched by Grundfos.

Drinking water distribution service in France receives new contract

Veolia was awarded a contract from Greater Lyon for the production and distribution of drinking water in 54 municipalities for a period of eight ye...

Mobile pilot ozone system aims to remove wastewater pharmaceutical residue

Funding has recently been provided to Primozone to build a mobile pilot scale ozone system for the removal of pharmaceutical residue.

Impacts of fracking on water supplies overplayed - CIWEM

Just days after Prime Minister David Cameron offered local authorities a tax break for approving fracking projects in their area, a study has been ...

What does 2014 hold for Siemens Water Technologies, under AEA control?

The agreement for AEA Investors LP to acquire Siements Water Technologies has been closed for 640 million euros and the new company will now be cal...


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PXL SEALS is the worldwide expert in installation and design of sealing systems for hydro power and large bearings.

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