Corrosion Control

May 1, 2002
Warminster Fiberglass' buildings, shelters and enclosures are engineered to withstand difficult environmental conditions, including wind, snow, rain, hail and heat.

Fiberglass structures

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Warminster Fiberglass' buildings, shelters and enclosures are engineered to withstand difficult environmental conditions, including wind, snow, rain, hail and heat. Corrosion and chemical resistant secondary containment buildings are also available with a one-piece containment sump molded into the floor. Removable grating allows access to the sump for periodic inspections and cleanup. Sump capacity exceeds federal requirements. A drain and shut-off valve are standard. Sizes available range from 6 ft. wide by 4 ft. deep to 20 ft. wide by 40 ft. long; some up to 80 ft. long. Buildings are insulated and have molded-in colors.

Warminster Fiberglass Co.
Southampton, PA
Tel: 215-953-1260

Metering pumps

Seepex MD metering pumps are now available with corrosion resistant metals and plastics. Rotating parts are available in 316 stainless steel, Hastelloy® C4, titanium and Kynar®. Castings are available in HDPE, 316 stainless and Halar® coated stainless steel. A variety of mechanical seals are available with various metallurgies; a new proprietary PTFE lip seal can also be used. The pumps can handle materials to 100,000 cps. Flow rates from 2 cc/min to 2 gpm at pressures to 180 psi are possible.

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Seepex Inc.
Enon, OH
Tel: 800-695-3659

Specialty access doors

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Bilco's J-AL Door is ideal for most corrosive environments. Available in single- or double-leaf design, the aluminum door can provide access to areas located underground or beneath/between floors. The doors can be operated by a single person. Special anti-corrosion hardware includes forged aluminum hinges, a 5086 aluminum cover plate, electrostatically coated compression springs and composite spring housing assemblies. The company's exclusive 70 durometer EPDM debris gasket limits dirt and debris from entering the channel frame. This feature, in conjunction with the standard 11/2 in. drain coupling fully welded under the frame, facilitates effective drainage.

The Bilco Company
New Haven, CT
Tel: 203-934-6363

Containment cover

The Century Manhole® Contain-ment Cover from Royal Environmental protects against manhole concrete deterioration by keeping gasses in and water out. It helps maintain the structural integrity of manholes for longer life and reduced maintenance costs. The polyethylene containment cover eliminates sewer outgassing and reduces storm water infiltration to save on water treatment costs. The company also offers the Century Manhole® Plastic Invert which acts as a protective barrier between concrete and hydrogen sulfide gas. The invert features polyethylene construction with a smooth inside surface that reduces friction to maximize water flow.

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Royal Environmental Systems
Stacy, MN
Tel: 800-817-3240

Corrosive water control

The CorePro Saturator from Filtronics is designed to reduce the corrosive nature of very soft waters. Raw water is introduced at the bottom of the saturator, which contains calcium carbonate. Flow through the saturator imparts calcium and alkalinity to the water and raises the pH. The discharge of the saturator is mixed with raw water that is by-passed around the unit. The proportion of by-passed versus treated water is adjusted by a throttling valve at the discharge of the saturator. The valve is set so the pH of the combined water is equal to the pH of saturation on the combined water.

Filtronics Inc.
Anaheim, CA
Tel: 714-630-5040

Corrosion control

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Ondeo Nalco offers products to control corrosion and scale in municipal water distribution systems. Available in both liquid and dry formulations, its inhibitors provide system protection against corrosion by forming a stable protective film on metal surfaces. This film controls corrosion of both ferrous and nonferrous metals, and eliminates "red" and "brown" water. The company's inhibitor products prevent calcium and magnesium scale, keeping distribution lines free of deposits and lowering pumping costs. These inhibitors also stabilize soluble iron and manganese. And, in liquid formulation, the products can be fed neat without a chemical feed system.

Ondeo Nalco
Naperville, IL
Tel: 877-589-6657

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Remote monitoring

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Offered by Farwest Corrosion Control Company, LaBarge's ScadaNET Network™ is a wireless remote monitoring system for the cathodic protection industry. The network uses the control channels of the existing cellular network to monitor status and alarm conditions at cathodic protection rectifiers. System status is monitored via the Internet and alarm conditions are sent via e-mail, fax, pager or voice dialer. There are no long distance charges or fixed monthly fees, significantly reducing monitoring costs for the rectifier owner.

Farwest Corrosion Control Co.
Gardena, CA
Tel: 310-532-9524

Hydrogen sulfide analyzer

Using a patented gold film sensor, the Jerome 631-X measures hydrogen sulfide concentrations from 3 ppb to 50 ppm. This portable instrument offers push-button operation. An optional data logger is available for portable surveys, and computer interface software is available for unattended sampling. Applications include survey and response, fence-line monitoring, scrubber efficiency testing, corrosion control and regulatory compliance.

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Arizona Instrument
Tempe, AZ
Tel: 800-528-7411

Pipe liner

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National Liner offers a cured-in-place pipe trenchless rehabilitation system designed to repair sanitary and stormwater pipelines ranging from 6 to 120 in. in diameter. Made of non-woven, needled polyester felt and saturated with a thermosetting resin, the liner is inserted into an upstream manhole and expanded with hydrostatic head of water to press the liner tightly against the interior of the host pipe. Once in place, the liner is heated to activate the resin system, causing the resin to cure and form a new structural pipe within the host pipe.

National Envirotech Group
Houston, TX
Tel: 800-547-1235

Cathodic protection

A line of platinum clad anodes for cathodic protection applications is available from Anomet Products. The anodes can be supplied as wire, rod or woven mesh. They are available as platinum clad niobium or platinum clad titanium; with or without a copper core. Applications include protection of storage tanks and pipelines. Wire and rod is supplied in sizes 0.031 in. to 1 in. diameter, the mesh is available up to 24 in. wide.

Anomet Products Inc.
Shrewsbury, MA
Tel: 508-842-3069

Pipe coatings

3M Scotchkote brand 134 and 206N Fusion Bond Epoxies (FBEs) are custom and pipeline powder coatings that have been tested and are certified to ANSI/NSF Standard 61 for use with potable water. The coatings provide chemical resistance and are effective over a wide range of temperatures. They also resist cavitation, cathodic disbondment, soil stress and backfill compaction.

3M Corrosion Products
Austin, TX
Tel: 800-722-6721

Fiberglass manholes

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Containment Solutions manufactures Flowtite® manholes and wetwells, which provide the wastewater industry with fiberglass solutions to corrosion, infiltration/exfiltration and have a lower installation cost. The manholes and wetwells are available for new construction; rehabilitation liners are also available for existing structures. Standard IDs range from 36-120 in. One-piece lengths are limited only by transportation restraints. Larger diameters and burial lengths are also available. Fiberglass manholes eliminate the need for future rehabilitation caused by microbiologically induced corrosion. Their monolithic design reduces infiltration.

Containment Solutions Inc.
Conroe, TX
Tel: 800-777-2823


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Vynckier Enclosure Systems introduces its Polysafe enclosure. These corrosion and maintenance free enclosures are available in 14 standard sizes, and have coupling possibilities. They are CE approved and UL listed for Type 4X including the coupled enclosures. The enclosures are made of a self-extinguishing, hot molded, halogen-free, fiberglass reinforced polyester. They're designed for wall mounting, floor standing, and pole fixing, making these enclosures versatile for many applications. All units come with a five-point latching mechanism in the door and continuously poured gaskets for complete protection against the elements and vandalism.

Vynckier Enclosure
Houston, TX
Tel: 713-672-2471

PVC pipe liner

Ultraliner PVC Alloy Pipeliner has unique properties with sufficient material stiffness to provide full independent structural integrity when installed in 4-24 in. pipelines. The tight-fitting liner has high impact strength, a high degree of dimensional stability, exceptional abrasion and chemical resistance, and the ability to relieve high levels of stress without structurally compromising the material. Through its "blow molding" installation process, the liner will conform to the shape of existing pipelines, including size transitions, bends, offset joints, dips, protruding taps, and other irregularities.

Ultraliner, Inc.
Oxford, AL
Tel: 205-831-5515

Access covers

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Halliday Products offers a variety of access covers sturdy enough for day-to-day usage and spring assisted for easy opening. Type-316 stainless steel hardware, 300 psf loading, and a lifetime warranty are standard features. H-20 loading is optional. All-aluminum and stainless construction help the covers resist corrosion.

Halliday Products, Inc.
Orlando, FL
Tel: 407-298-4470

Corrosion control

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AP/M Permaform offers Con(mic) Shield™, an admixture designed to protect concrete from microbiologically induced corrosion. The additive is mixed with concrete to prevent the growth of bacteria that produce sulfuric acid. The product has been used successfully in the Permacast® Manhole Renewal System for the past four years. The company also offers the Permaform® manhole system that features PVC and PE plastic liners anchored into the new interior for chemical corrosion protection.

AP/M Permaform
Johnston, IA
Tel: 800-662-6465


Tnemec offers a variety of coating systems, including the Endura-Shield II, a urethane coating offering exceptional color and gloss retention. Other products include Triton, a waterborne polyurethane, and Omnithane, part of the company's expanding line of moisture-cured urethanes. The company also offers ChemRoc mortar, designed to provide protection to concrete from hydrogen sulfide gas and sulfuric acid solutions, and StrataShield, a floor protection system.

Tnemec Company, Inc.
Kansas City, MO
Tel: 816-483-3400

Manhole rehabilitation

Deteriorated manholes can be rehabilitated with spray-on, pure polyurea from Perma-Tech Industrial Coatings. At a cost of approximately $100/vertical foot, polyurea creates a seamless, monolithic coating that covers the brick, seals cracks and restores structural integrity to manholes. With an elongation of 495% and a tensile strength of 1900 psi, the company's UX-397 can withstand the expansion and contraction cycle without loss of adhesion, cracking or brittleness. It is a hydrophobic material that can be sprayed in the damp conditions encountered in a manhole.

Cleveland, OH
Tel: 888-885-4637

Manhole adjusting rings

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Ladtech manhole adjusting rings prevent settlement of the casting and the subsequent break-up of surrounding pavement. They are a lightweight manhole system made from high-density polyethylene. Unlike concrete rings, HDPE rings resist breakage and are non-corrosive. The company's rings are simple to install and adjustable to accommodate any size or grade.

Ladtech, Inc.
Lino Lakes, MN
Tel: 877-235-7464

Epoxy coating

CR 5000 from Devcon is a high-performance, 100% solids, high-density glass flake-filled epoxy coating which provides excellent resistance to corrosion, cavitation, erosion, and chemicals. Engineered for flexibility, it is ideal for sealing and protecting equipment exposed to erosion, corrosion, impact, expansion/contraction, and flexing. The coating can be applied by brushing, rolling, or spraying. Its low-viscosity, nonVOC formulation ensures 100% surface contact and guarantees adhesion to prepared surfaces. Typical applications include: pump casings, impeller blades, gate and butterfly valves, water boxes, suction plates, heat exchangers, tube sheets, and other water-circulating equipment.

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ITW Devcon Engineered Coatings
Danvers, MA
Tel: 978-777-1100

Coatings, grouts

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AquataPoxy and Raven high performance coatings and grouts are used for protecting and rehabilitating manholes, pipes, tunnels, tanks, clarifiers and other structures. For more than 20 years, these moisture tolerant, solvent-free epoxy coatings have succeeded at eliminating infiltration, stopping corrosion, and reinforcing deteriorating brick, precast and steel underground structures. Raven Lining Systems supports over 25 Certified Applicators equipped with the latest in application technology.

Raven Lining Systems
Tulsa, OK
Tel: 800-324-3810

Polymer mortar pipe

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Hobas Pipe's centrifugally cast, fiberglass-reinforced polymer mortar pipe is inherently resistant to both corrosion and ultra-violet attack. It can be used for the transmission of sewage, corrosive liquids and wastewater in below-ground and above-ground installations. The pipe's high strength-to-weight ratio and stiffness are an advantage in aerial installations. The pipe does not require coatings, painting or cathodic protection to provide corrosion and weathering resistance.

Hobas Pipe
Houston, TX
Tel: 800-856-7473

Plastic valves

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A series of plastic low-flow control valves, available with a PTFE bellows seal for a wide range of corrosive applications, has been introduced by Collins Instrument Co. The new valves, the Model 1000B series, feature all-plastic construction, a wide selection of Cvs and pneumatic or electronic operation. The permeation-resistant PTFE bellows seal is designed for use in hazardous or corrosive environments, and a back-up stem seal packing arrangement is incorporated in each valve for safety. Energy-dissipating trim is available for cavitational conditions.

Collins Instrument Co.
Angleton, TX
Tel: 979-849-8266

PVC panels

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H&F Manufacturing Corp. has added a new 7.2 in. by 11/2 in. profile to its line of Phase-2 PVC corrugated panels. The new profile matches industry standard fiberglass and metal box rib panels, allowing users to take advantage of PVC's physical properties. The panels are corrosion-resistant and are suitable for new construction or as replacement panels, especially in areas where fiberglass and metal panels can be damaged by chemical liquids and vapors. They can be used in moist, corrosive or other aggressive environments. The panels are fire retardant with a non-combustible flame-spread rating of 12.

H&F Manufacturing Corp.
Feasterville, PA
Tel: 800-474-2732

Aerosol paint

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Krylon® Industrial Rust Tough® is ideal for small, touch-up jobs, painting irregular shapes or covering hard-to-reach areas. This direct-to-metal aerosol paint requires only one coat when applied to new or clean metal and does not require primer. It can be used indoors or out and provides a high-gloss finish that resists chipping and peeling. It dries to the touch in 25 minutes and can be handled within one hour. The paint is available in 26 colors, including OSHA safety colors.

Diversified Brands, a Sherwin-Williams Business Unit.
Columbus, OH
Tel: 800-825-3434

Fiberglass enclosures

Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures has introduced a new family of DuraBoxx™ polyester-reinforced fiberglass enclosures. The enclosures feature chemical and corrosion resistance and are water tight. They are designed for shallow depth areas. Eight smaller sizes are available in NEMA 6P as enclosures with opaque screw-down covers. Three larger sizes provide NEMA 4X in screw covers. The enclosures use common lengths and widths, but also offer shallow profiles such as 16x16x5 inch and 7x11x4 inch.

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Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures
Belding, MI
Tel: 616-794-0700

Corrosion control services

HDR Services helps water utilities control corrosion. The company's experts help utilities develop techniques to monitor and mitigate corrosion in water distribution systems. HDR has helped more than 50 utilities achieve compliance with the EPA's Lead and Copper Rule, and the HDR Corrosion Services Laboratory is on call to assist utilities with forensic assessment of their corrosion-related problems.

HDR Inc.
Austin, TX
Tel: 512-912-5100

Pipe pigs, cleaning tools

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T.D. Williamson offers the Foam Pig line and PitBoss™ Cleaning Pig as options for managing corrosion in water pipelines. The TDW Foam Pig line includes five configurations - Redskin™ Swab, Bristle, RoughRider® and Bidirectional pigs, and the Whiteskin™ Pig - which can be used for light cleaning, air removal prior to hydrostatic testing, water evacuation and drying. The Whiteskin Pig is recommended for shorter runs for air or water service. Redskin foam pigs are available in sizes 2- through 24-inches and the Whiteskin Pig in sizes 2- through 42-inches. TDW also can provide coated, crisscross, bare swabs and bristle-coated foam pigs in sizes 2- through 48-inches and in varied densities.

T.D. Williamson Inc.
Tulsa, OK
Tel: 888-839-6766

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