Products and Services: Flow, Level and Pressure Measurement

March 1, 2002
Panametrics has released the new TransPort® PT878 Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter, which is based on the company's Model PT868, first introduced in 1992. New features available in the PT878 include a large liquid crystal display with electroluminescent backlight.

Portable ultrasonic flowmeter

Panametrics has released the new TransPort® PT878 Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter, which is based on the company's Model PT868, first introduced in 1992. New features available in the PT878 include a large liquid crystal display with electroluminescent backlight. One to four parameters can be displayed in split screens at one time. The unit has multiple language support, allowing users to view information in their native language. Drop-down menus and soft keys make programming easier. The unit is designed for rugged work and is submersible to IP67. A rubber boot with a built-in stand protects and secures the electronics.

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Panametrics, PCI Div.
Waltham, MA
Tel: 800-833-9438

Ultrasonic flowmeter

EMCO Flow System's Sono-Trak™ clamp-on transit time ultrasonic flowmeter is designed to measure liquids in pipe sizes from two to 100 inches. The meters are clamped in place using stainless steel clamps. Typical installations take less than 30 minutes. Available outputs are 4-20 mA, RS-232, RS-485, frequency and dual relay. Accurate up to 0.5% of rate with precise pipeline dimensional measurement and adequate straight run piping, typical field accuracy is 1-2% with 0.1% of rate repeatability.

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EMCO Flow systems
Longmont, CO
Tel: 303-651-0550

Level transducers

Pressure Systems Inc. has added an SDI-12 (serial data interface at 1200 baud) serial-digital interface to its submersible Series 500 KPSI transducers. This level transducer is ideal for use in remote environmental monitoring applications that require low power and can be battery-powered with minimal current drain. Specific applications include well monitoring and dewatering, level monitoring, ground water monitoring and surface water monitoring. The SDI-12 transducer can also be used in down hole applications and reservoirs as well as to check tank levels.

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Pressure Systems Inc.
Hampton, VA
Tel: 800-328-3665

Submersible level probe

Featuring ceramic sensor technology that resists scratches, dents, and corrosion, the Waterpilot submersible level probe from Endress + Hauser is designed to measure liquid levels in deep wells, reservoirs, lift stations, and tank level systems. Its 0.87 in. outer diameter enables the device to fit inside standard 1 in. well casings, making it ideal for measuring groundwater level. It can also be used to monitor non-corrosive liquid chemicals with the standard polyethylene (PE) cable.

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Endress + Hauser
Greenwood, IN
Tel: 888-363-7377

Flow monitor

The DataGator from Renaissance Instruments combines a modified Venturi flow tube design with strategically positioned pressure transducers to measure flow under all conditions - including transitional periods between open channels and full pipes. The flow measurement is derived from proven hydraulic theories using three distinct pressure readings within the pre-calibrated flow tube. By translating pressure directly into flow, the unit eliminates errors introduced by level and velocity conversions and average velocity calculations.

Renaissance Instruments
Austin, TX
Tel: 512-251-6647

Flowmeter system

The Model 7510 Flowmeter System from Accusonic Technologies features multiple-path acoustic transit-time flowmeters that provide monitoring over wide-ranging flow conditions in large-diameter pipelines and open channels. The flowmeters can be linked with automated process control networks, and a single flowmeter console can be configured to measure flow rates in multiple pipes or channels within a facility. The Model 7510 can be used for monitoring variable-stage flows in open channels and partially filled pipe flows.

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Accusonic Technologies
East Falmouth, MA
Tel: 508-495-6600

CSO/SSO monitoring

Radcom offers a system for monitoring storm water overflows, sewerage flows or clean water applications in open channels. The level monitoring systems is based on the Siemens Milltronics Ultrasonic Probe level sensor. The probe is available with Intrinsically Safe approval if required for use in hazardous areas. A Radcom Data Logger can power the probe from internal batteries, and can be supplied with local or telemetry communications.

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Radcom Technologies
Woburn, MA
Tel: 800-723-2066

Hydrant pressure recorder

Telog Instruments has improved its hydrant pressure recorder. The new model, the HPR-31, has a five-year battery life, stores 400% more data values and is lower priced than previous models. Customers can now analyze pipe capacities, identify water stagnation and closed system valves. The higher sample rate of the new model captures water hammer and negative pressure events.

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Telog Instruments
Victor, NY
Tel: 585-742-3000

Flow valve

Chem Tec's Excess Flow Valve with Manual Reset (EFV MRS) features a positive shut-off with an internal reset mechanism. Fully field adjustable, the valve will shut off any flow which exceeds a preset norm and is an important active safety measure for any application where hazardous liquid or gas flows. The valve can be manually reset when pressure is equalized to resume normal operation, and controls flows of 0.004 to 20 gpm (liquid) and 0.018 to 130 SCFM (gas). Delta P ranges from 1.2 to 5 psid depending on the rate of flow and media.

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Chem Tec Equipment Co.
Deerfield Beach, FL
Tel: 954-428-8259

Data logger

Dickson has introduced the new Pro Series Pulse (Flow) Data Logger, model PS100, to its current line of instrumentation. The data logger can be used with any self-powered meter that puts out a pulse relative to water velocity and will record the rate of flow and total gallons over time. The PS100 features delayed start capability and data storage of 32,512 sample points. Due to its small size and rugged design, the logger can be placed just about anywhere.

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Dickson Company
Addison, IL
Tel: 800-323-2448

Differential pressure switch

The Model 220 differential pressure gauge and switch from Mid-West Instruments is CSA Certified for explosion proof applications. The entire gauge/switch is available with pressure containing elements in aluminum or 316 stainless steel. Differential pressures range from 0-5 psid to 0-100 psid, with safe working pressure up to 4000 psid.

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Mid-West Instrument
Sterling Heights, MI
Tel: 586-254-6500

Tank level sensor

Red Valve has combined its non-clogging pressure sensor with a pressure transmitter to create its new Tank Level Sensor. The new sensor is not affected by foaming or ice. It can be cleaned through flushing or rodding without removal from the tank. Available for both vented and pressurized tanks, the sensor features an accuracy of ± 2 in.

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Red Valve Company, Inc.
Carnegie, PA
Tel: 412-279-0044

Flowmeter savings calculator

The flowmeter savings calculator from Marsh-McBirney assists in determining overall open channel flow monitoring costs (equipment and labor) and savings for a 1 to 10 year period. When considering the purchase of any flowmeter, maintenance costs, data loss and safety (manhole entry) should be considered in addition to the purchase price of the flowmeter.

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Marsh-McBirney Inc.
Frederick, MD
Tel: 800-368-2723

Level meters

RST water level meters are designed to measure the elevation of groundwater in boreholes, standpipes and wells. The meters employ a non-stretch flat tape, permanently marked in 1 mm or 1/100 ft. graduations. Dual scale tapes are available in 50 ft. or 100 ft. lengths. Water level meter tapes are available with either a polyethylene or Teflon™ coating. Each water level meter is supplied on a winding reel complete with a brake and carrying handle. Features include a shrouded stainless steel probe (allows accurate level determinations under cascading water conditions), light, buzzer, test switch, and sensitivity control, as standard.

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RST Instruments
Vancouver, BC
Tel: 800-665-5599

Level measurement

The new-generation Milltronics-brand MultiRanger ultrasonic level transceiver, offering digital communications and the latest technology features, has just been released by Siemens Energy & Automation. This multi-functional level monitor is ideal for short- to medium-range applications up to 50 ft. The transceiver features a built-in Modbus RTU and an RS-485 port. It connects to popular communications buses like Profibus-DP, Allen-Bradley Remote I/O, and DeviceNet through Milltronics' SmartLinx® plug-in communications modules.

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Siemens Energy & Automation
Spring House, PA
Tel: 215- 646-7400

Tank level data

The Centeron™ data collection system from Robertshaw Products can be used to organize tank level data. The software system works seamlessly as part of the company's Centeron wireless tank level monitoring system to integrate with users' business systems to provide current information on tank levels, average usage and level history for tank analysis. The company's monitoring system measures tank levels and sends data using direct sequence spread spectrum wireless technology.

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Robertshaw Industrial Products
Maryville, TN
Tel: 800-237-7429

Tuning fork level switch

Flowline's new LZ10 Tuning Fork Level Switch can be used in challenging liquid applications with light to medium coating or scaling characteristics. Examples include light sodium hydroxide, brine and copper sulfate solutions. Other applications are non-hazardous, lightweight solids such as grains or pellets. Designed for installation through the wall or inside the tank, the sensor and cable rating is NEMA 6 and includes CSA/NRTL (UL) and CE compliance. All plastic construction is ideal for corrosive environments.

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Flowline Inc.
Los Alamitos, CA
Tel: 562-598-3015

Insertion transducers

A new series of Insertion Transducers, designed for use with even thick-walled pipe, has been introduced by Thermo Polysonics. Suitable for water and wastewater applications, the new transducers can be installed using the standard "hot tap" process and are ideal for use on concrete pipes, heavily corroded steel pipes and pipes with considerable calcium buildup. Wetted materials include a nickel-plated brass seal housing, a stainless steel insertion system and an Ultem transducer facing. A double O-ring seal mechanism prevents leakage during insertion and extraction, as well as during normal operation. Optimal stem lengths are available for use with very thick pipes.

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Thermo Polysonics
Houston, TX
Tel: 281-879-3700

Monitoring/reporting system

Sensaphone® 2000 monitoring/reporting technology from Phonetics monitors pressure transducers, flow meters, water levels, timers, temperature, power failure, and alarms at water and wastewater treatment plants; as well as pumping stations, operating equipment, labs, and office facilities. The system provides options that include data logging, downloadable event logging, graphing, and polling. It can monitor flow meters in real-time graphical form using bars, gauge, or contact status forms.

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Phonetics, Inc.
Aston, PA
Tel: 610-558-2700

Ultrasonic level sensors

Gems Sensors has introduced its new UCL-Series Continuous Non-Contact Ultrasonic level Transmitters. Accurate to ±0.25% of span, these solid-state sensors are designed for fluids that coat or corrode common immersed sensors. They are suitable for wastewater or slurry applications. The sensors are available in intrinsically safe, general purpose relay and long range relay models.

Gems Sensors Inc.
Plainville, CT
Tel: 860-747-3000

Filter flow controller

The LPL-FC from F.B. Leopold is a direct replacement for existing filter S-Type Controllers and is also suitable for new applications as well. The controller is a pre-engineered package designed for filter rate-of-flow applications in water treatment plants. The controller consists of a low-loss flow tube, valve, operator, transmitter, and Valve PAC Valve Positioner.

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F.B. Leopold Company, Inc.
Zelienople, PA
Tel: 724-452-6300

Pressure transmitter

The Model 643-2 Differential Pressure Transmitter from Dwyer Instruments features a higher minimum pressure range of 0-100 psig and higher maximum pressure range of 200 psig. The unit monitors differential pressure of air, compatible gases and liquids with 1.0% accuracy. The design employs dual piezoresistive pressure sensors converting differential pressure into a standard 4-20 mA output signal for two-wire circuits.

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Dwyer Instruments Inc.
Michigan City, IN
Tel: 219-879-8000

Electronic transmitters

Barton/Fuji FCX electronic transmitters are intrinsically safe and explosion proof. The transmitters measure, display, alarm and provide level, pressure and/or flow data. Materials of construction for wetted parts include 316 SS, Hastelloy, Monel and Tantalum. Turndown is 16:1 or 100:1, depending on model. Field upgradeable, the transmitters feature ASIC electronic technology.

Barton Instrument Systems
City of Industry, CA
Tel: 626-964-0532

Level, depth monitoring

A line of Liquid Level/Depth Monitoring Systems using submersible pressure sensors/transmitters is being promoted by Incon. One of the company's systems consists of the Model 1810 Level Depth Monitor coupled with either the Model 1890 or Model 1891 Submersible Transmitter.

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Incon Inc.
Saco, ME
Tel: 800-872-3455

Spread-spectrum radio

Omnex Control Systems offers the HopLink HS-900 spread-spectrum frequency hopping radio with integrated I/O. Seamlessly bridging the communications gap between sensors, switches, alarms and PLC's, a single HS-900 carries one 4-20mA current loop and two discrete status signals from device to control room. Providing a secure, interference-free link, each Class 1, Div 2 conduit-mounted transmitter can transfer data up to 5 miles line-of-site using omni directional antennas, and greater than 15 miles with high-gain yagi directional antennas. The license-free radios can provide reliable communications through even such obstacles as steel or concrete structures. Hopping frequencies every 20ms, the radio signal will quickly move away from any potential interference.

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Omnex Control Systems Inc.
Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada
Tel: 800-663-8806


The FlexMASSter® ST98 Series Flowmeter from FCI now features digital communications flexibility, thanks to the recent addition of HART Bus compatible electronics. HART superimposes a digital signal on top of the standard 4-20 mA analog signal, offering expanded intelligence that is especially useful for commissioning, diagnostics and maintenance. It features an accuracy of ±1% of reading plus ±0.5% of full scale.

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Fluid Components Intl.
San Marcos, CA
Tel: 800-854-1993

Encoder register

Neptune's ProRead Absolute Encoder provides an actual, direct reading of a meter register odometer. The company guarantees that the reading obtained electronically matches the mechanical odometer reading on the register. The unit requires no reprogramming to upgrade meters from a receptacle pad to an R900 RF MIU. It handles 10-digit ID numbers, three to six-digit meter readings, and meter networking. This oil-filled register can be used in pits, vaults or other wet environments.

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Neptune Technology Group Inc.
Tallassee, AL
Tel: 800-448-2943

Electromagnetic flowmeter

The FM657 TigermagEP™ from Sparling features Mag-Commandtrademark, a menu driven software program for user interface that includes a flow meter diagnostic package. Developed for flows such as water, wastewater, raw sewage, and slurry applications, the flowmeter is available with polyurethane liner in sizes from 2-48 inches. Accuracy is ± 0.5% of rate.

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Sparling Instruments Inc.
El Monte, CA
Tel: 626-444-0571

Digital level sensor

MTS Systems has expanded its line of Level Plus® sensors with the addition of the M-Series Digital, which features volume output using magnetostrictrive technology. The sensor is designed for use in both continuous and batch process control, bulk storage, precision inventory control, and level, interface level and temperature monitoring applications.

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MTS Systems Corp.
Cary, NC
Tel: 800-457-6620

Sludge depth meter

Markland's #602 Sludge Depth Meter can fully automate the desludge pump in gravity settling tanks, Lamellars and clarifiers. Microprocessor control optimizes sludge extraction and produces minimum sludge volumes, with maximum percent concentration. An animation that shows how this patented system works can be viewed on the Internet at the company's website.

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Markland Specialty Eng. Ltd.
Ontario, Canada
Tel: 416-244-4980

Pump flow meter

In an effort to maximize pumping efficiency, Flowtronex, a Dallas-based modular pump station manufacturer, is integrating the Krohne flow meter into its modular pumping systems. The Krohne meter uses a magnetic field to induce a measurable DC current into water passing though the meter and then reads the resulting current to determine the flow rate.

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Dallas, TX
Tel: 603-432-4022

Level sensing products

George Fischer has introduced the +GF+ Signet line of level sensing products, offering a system solution for level measurement. The family includes the company's Signet 2210 Ultrasonic Level Sensor, 222 Magnetostrictive Level Sensor, 2450 Pressure Sensor, 2211/2212 Ultrasonic Point Level Sensor and the 8250 ProcessPro Level Transmitter.

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George Fischer Inc.
Tustin, CA
Tel: 800-854-4090

Pressure transmitter

The newest version of the Siemens Sitrans™ P, DSIII Series pressure transmitter, is being configured and distributed exclusively in the US by Siemens Moore Process Automation. The transmitter incorporates software that provides diagnostic capabilities and simulation functionality. Its diagnostic capabilities include high- or low-signal limit alarms; peak value registers that store the maximum and minimum values for pressure, sensor temperature, and electronics temperature; and two programmable "watchdog" timers that alert the operator when user-set maintenance and calibration times occur.

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Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc./Process Industries Division
Spring House, PA
Tel: 215-646-7400


The Wafer-Cone from McCrometer uses the same flow measurement principles found in its V-Cone flowmeter but offers greater installation flexibility and economy. The meter "conditions" the flow prior to measurement so little or no upstream or downstream piping runs are required. This makes it ideal for tight-space installations and retrofits. The meter has a flangeless design, with the flow element contained in a short meter section that bolts between two flanges. This allows the flow element to be replaced to accommodate changing flow conditions.

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McCrometer, Inc.
Hemet, CA
Tel: 909-652-6811

Water level meter

With heat embossed markings every 1/100 ft., the Solinst Model 101 Water Level Meter is ideal for gaining highly accurate measurements of depth to water in wells. Stranded stainless steel conductors in the tape resist corrosion, provide strength and are non-stretch. The dog-bone design of tape avoids adherence to wet surfaces, providing accurate readings.

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Solinst Canada Ltd.
Georgetown, ON
Tel: 905 873 2255

Glass tube flowmeter

Blue-White's New F-670 Series Flowmeter has meter body construction of borosilicate glass protected by a polycarbonate shield. Standard material for the rib guided float is #316 stainless steel. Optional float materials are Teflon and Hastelloy C-276. The flowmeters have PVC adapters (optional CPVC or PVDF), PVC union nuts, Viton o-ring seals and permanent, screen printed scales. A wide range of calibrations are offered as well as OEM options. In addition, the F-670 Series is available equipped with a Hastelloy or Teflon float (float material depends on calibration) for difficult applications.

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Blue-White Industries
Huntington Beach, CA
Tel: 714-893-8529

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