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Dec. 1, 2009
The Hach Water Information Management Solution (Hach WIMS™) provides a set of scalable products that collect, incorporate, and analyze data and communicate information easily.

Information management

The Hach Water Information Management Solution (Hach WIMS™) provides a set of scalable products that collect, incorporate, and analyze data and communicate information easily. These products offer an affordable choice versus custom developed applications and a alternative to manual processes. Designed specifically for drinking water and wastewater utilities of any size, the system aggregates independent sources of data, such as laboratory data (LIMS, commercial labs, or lab bench sheets), SCADA, and utility specific Excel spreadsheets, into a single data repository.
Hach Co.
Loveland, CO
Tel: 800-677-0067
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Pressure sensor

Red Valve's new Series 45 Pressure Sensor with digital instrumentation is designed specifically for tank level control and indication. The remote digital readout lends itself to easy installation in flange outlets on storage tanks. The instrumentation allows operators to remotely control pumps while filling tanks fully without spillage, increasing the total storage holding capacity of a tank or series of tanks. The sensors are now available in 2" through 12" flange mounting.
Red Valve Co. Inc.
Carnegie, PA
Tel: 412-279-0044
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Flow meters

GF Piping Systems' Signet 8550 Meters convert the signal from a Signet flow sensor into a 4-20 mA signal for long distance transmission. Features include single or dual input/output, two optional relays for process control, and scalability for virtually any flow range or engineering unit. Suitable applications include flow control and monitoring, water and wastewater, chemicals, filtration or softeners, regeneration, and leak detection.
GF Piping Systems
Tustin, CA
Tel: 800-854-4090
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Propeller flow meter

The Model ML04 Water Specialties Propeller Flow Meter™ from McCrometer is available with an optional transmitter that provides a 4-20 mA output, which indicates either flow rate or totalized flow volume in support of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems. The steel flanged-end tube meter has an indicator-totalizer. It features measurement accuracy of ±2 percent, and can be used to measure liquid flow from 40 to 35,000 gpm, depending on line size.
Hemet, CA
Tel: 800-220-2279
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Digital flow meter

The Badger Meter Model 3000 is a full-featured digital flow monitor with a NEMA 4X rated front panel. It conforms to DIN Standard dimensions, 96 mm by 96 mm, for meter sizes and panel cutouts, and a version is also available in a NEMA 4 wall mount configuration. Programming the unit is flexible and menu-driven. All data is entered using the LCD keypad interface. A password gate is included to prevent unauthorized access. The monitor provides two pulse outputs to interface with external data collection devices that accept electronic pulses.
Badger Meter
Milwaukee, WI
Tel: 800-656-3837
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The new Hach 2100Q portable turbidimeter offers advanced features such as on-screen assisted calibration and verification, simplified data transfer, and improved measurement for rapidly settling samples. The device makes it easier to monitor water cleanliness and clarity, to test product quality and consistency, and to meet turbidity regulations where grab samples are used. Single-standard RapidCal™ calibration offers the simplest solution for low-level measurements.
Hach Co.
Loveland, CO
Tel: 800-227-4224
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Portable pH recorder

Analytical Measurements offers a full line of industrial pH and ORP (Redox) instrumentation as well as replacement probes/sensors. The Model 30 combines a pH meter (or ORP) with a strip chart recorder in a compact NEMA enclosure. The monitor can be installed permanently on the wall or used as a portable field instrument. These units are commonly used in municipal wastewater treatment plants to monitor and record pH and/or ORP.
Analytical Measurements
Hillside, NJ
Tel: 800-635-5580
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The LF-500 from Spectral Evolution offers a 320-1100 nm range in a fiber optic input UV-VIS NIR spectrometer. The fiber input provides a variety of sample interfacing configurations. Optical system-matched fiber optics provides optimal signal to noise ratio. The instrument offers a variety of elements and an Si photodiode array for a range of spectral resolution options. On board calibration, storage, shutter/dark scan, and automatic exposure allow for minimal user configuration.
Spectral Evolution
North Andover, MA
Tel: 978-687-1833
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Water, air monitoring

INFICON offers the CMS5000 Monitoring System for continuous, unattended remote monitoring of water or air. Using gas chromatograph technology, the system analyzes and quantifies Volatile Organic Compounds and Toxic Industrial Chemicals on-site in minutes. The analytical data is representative of actual water conditions at the time of sampling. The sample collection and analysis sequence is managed with a programmable CMS IQ software using on-board default methods.
East Syracuse, NY
Tel: 315-434-1100
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Ortho-phosphorous analyzer

ASA Analytics has introduced a new line of low cost automatic optical process analyzers, including an ortho-Phosphorous analyzer. The new line of ChemScan® mini™ analyzers has been designed to automatically analyze a single parameter, which significantly reduces costs. The ortho-Phosphorous Analyzer is designed specifically for rapid and automatic batch analysis of ortho-Phosphorous in low solids wastewater effluent or potable water samples through a detection cell.
ASA Analytics
Waukesha, WI
Tel: 800-665-7133
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Gas flow monitoring

The GF90 Mass Flow Meter from Fluid Components International offers improved performance in gas measurement applications, such as chlorinated water disinfection systems, with less maintenance, and lower installation and operating costs. The mass gas flow meter is inserted in chlorine gas process piping, and its 4-20 mA output wired to the input/output (I/O) modules in an automation system. The automation system then continuously measures and controls the amount of chlorine to be dispensed for optimum water purity.
Fluid Components International
San Marcos, CA
Tel: 800-854-1993
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Salinity monitoring

The YSI 6920 V2 Sonde provides essential turbidity, salinity, and temperature data to aid water treatment and desalination facilities. Sondes can be installed in situ in pre- and post-treatment areas to collect comparison water quality data. The turbidity sensor allows a facility to trend withdrawal area conditions for collection when turbidity is lowest. For concentrated brine, the conductivity probe accurately measures conductivity and salinity between 0-70 ppt.
YSI Inc.
Yellow Springs, OH
Tel: 800-897-4151
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Open channel flow meter

This new model OCF 4.0 Open Channel Flow Monitor from Greyline uses a non-contacting ultrasonic sensor to measure wastewater flow through flumes or weirs. It features a built-in data logger with on-screen flow reports plus Windows software to retrieve, display and graph flow reports in fully customizable formats. Other features include isolated 4-20 mA, 0-5V, USB and RS232 outputs, three control relays, a large flow rate display plus a 10-digit totalizer.
Greyline Instruments Inc.
Massena, NY
Tel: 888-473-9546
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Water quality meter

The Sper Scientific Water Quality Meter Model 850081 uses interchangeable probes to read pH, mV, conductivity, TDS, DO, temperature and ORP, diminishing the need for multiple devices dedicated to testing limited parameters. The probes, which can be ordered individually, electronically retain calibration information, excluding the need for recalibration when switching probes. The device's backlit display simultaneously reads temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit, and all measurements are automatically temperature compensated.
Sper Scientific
Scottsdale, AZ
Tel: 480-650-7433
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On-line TOC analyzers

OI Analytical's new 9210 On-line TOC Analyzers support continuous on-line monitoring of organic contaminants in water streams for regulatory compliance and optimization of water treatment processes. Applications include finished drinking water monitoring by Standard Method 5310C/EPA 415.3, and surface or groundwater monitoring. The analyzers are designed in NEMA 4X/IP56 water-tight, dust-tight housings for operation in process environments.
OI Analytical
College Station, TX
Tel: 800-653-1711
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Radionuclide monitoring

Technical Associates offers instruments for monitoring radionuclides in water. Its NexGen-SSS, currently in use by the Environmental Protection Agency, is the latest version of the SSS-33-5FT also in use at several locations including the Los Alamos and Jefferson National Laboratories. A NexGen-SSS installation for the Potomac River is being produced for Washington, DC.
Technical Associates
Canoga Park, CA
Tel: 818-883-7043
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Electromagnetic flowmeter

ABB Instrumentation has introduced a new range of electromagnetic flowmeters specifically targeted at the water and wastewater markets. Part of the new FlowMaster range of flowmeters, WaterMaster meter is available in the most commonly installed flowmeter sizes of 1.5" to 12". The new unit incorporates an octagonal sensor design. This improves flow profile and reduces up and down stream piping requirements.
ABB Instrumentation
Warminster, PA
Tel: 800-922-2475
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Process management

The IntelliPro® process management system from Aqua-Aerobic Systems is a PC based tool that interfaces with a plant's control system and automatically receives, interprets, and proactively adjusts to in-basin instruments for process optimization. It provides the process monitoring power of a SCADA system. Remote monitoring, available in Aqua's Command Center, provides on-demand troubleshooting assistance online or by phone. Active Mode provides automatic calculation and adjustment of process conditions for enhanced control and energy efficiency.
Aqua-Aerobic Systems Inc.
Tel: 815-639-4456
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Water loss control

ADS LLC offers a full line of advanced water loss control products for leak detection and flow measurement. These instruments form an integrated approach to system monitoring and leakage control for water distribution networks. They include leak locaters, flow measurement, and data logging systems. The products include the ADS Enigma, a digital logging correlation system for determining the location of leaks in buried pipes.
Huntsville, AL
Tel: 800-633-7246
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Level monitoring

Pressure Systems, manufacturer of KPSI™ Level and Pressure Transducers, now offers lightning protection for its Series 300 small bore submersible level transducers. The series features protection against fast rising voltage transients with the use of two surge protection components, one located in the 0.75" OD 316 SS housing of the transducer and one located at the surface, grounded via DIN-rail or ground wire.
Pressure Systems
Hampton, VA
Tel: 800-328-3665
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Mag meter

Krohne has introduced the Waterflux 3070, a new electromagnetic meter with a 15-year battery life for applications in the water and wastewater industry. The new meter includes an optional GSM module for remote transmission of measurement data and status information. Thanks to extremely short inlet and outlet installation requirements, the meter can be installed in very narrow wells and chambers. A magnetic-inductive meter, it is accurate and stable, and features a lower pressure drop than comparable mechanical water meters.
Krohne Inc.
Tel: 800-356-9464
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Level monitoring

The Nanolevel from Keller America is designed for use in level measurement applications where full scale ranges are less than 10 feet of water column. The transmitter's ceramic capacitive sensor technology provides excellent resolution and long-term stability in full scale pressure ranges as low as 4" of water. Perfectly suited for pump control applications and monitoring levels in wells, tanks, weirs, and cooling towers, the device is compatible with any standard 2-wire, 4-20 mA current loop that supplies a minimum of 8 but no more than 30 vDC to the transmitter.
Keller America
Newport News, VA
Tel: 877-253-5537
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Turbidity monitoring

LaMotte has introduced its 2020 ClearTrace Turbidity System for continuous monitoring of low level turbidity in clean water applications. Compliant with USEPA Method 180.1 for drinking water, the device measurement range is 0 to 100 NTU and is optimized for the 0 to 1.0 NTU range with a 0.001 NTU resolution. The compact design features a sample chamber that significantly reduces calibration costs and eliminates error caused by bubbles in the optical path.
LaMotte Co.
Tel: 800-344-3100
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DO monitoring

The Thermo Scientific Orion RDO probe and the AquaSensors RDO Pro incorporate a second generation rugged dissolved oxygen (DO) "dynamic luminescence quenching" principle. The sensors use luminescence technology to detect oxygen, in which the signal response is inversely related to the oxygen content, resulting in improved accuracy in low-level samples. The Orion RDO probes require no stirring of the sample, no warm up time and minimal maintenance.
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Beverly, MA
Tel: 978-232-6102
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