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Aug. 1, 2009
Elster has introduced its SmartMeter™ AMR-enabled products to the North American market.

Metering system

Elster has introduced its SmartMeter™ AMR-enabled products to the North American market. The company recently acquired the SmartMeter product portfolio from Severn Trent Services, a member of the Severn Trent Plc group of companies. With the acquisition, Elster AMCO Water continues to expand its portfolio of solution-driven products developed for the North American water utility business. The meter features a fluidic oscillator solid state design and has no moving parts. It offers greater reliability and advanced intelligent metering features such as tariffs and event monitoring to residential metering applications.

Elster AMCO Water, Inc.
Ocala, FL
Circle No. 246 on Reader Service Card

Water meter endpoint

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Itron has released it 80W-i water meter endpoint, an integrated automated meter reading (AMR) module for its family of water meters, including the Flostar, Multimag and Woltex. The new endpoint differentiates itself with installation and maintenance improvements including a wire-free connection to the meter, as well as easy retrofitting to existing Itron meters in the field. The module also introduces enhanced power output for increased radio performance in RF-unfriendly pit environments.

Itron Inc.
Liberty Lake, WA Web:
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Expansion joints

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The Force Balanced Flex-Tend® Flexible Expansion Joint from EBAA Iron can accommodate pressure-induced thrust forces. It uses an additional water chamber piston that acts in the equal and opposite direction of the imparting thrust and neutralizes the thrust forces. This allows designers to use flexible expansion joints in applications where thrust blocks or other force-restricting devices are not applicable. Force balanced joints also protect pipelines that serve structures, so owners know their pipelines are protected from shear.

EBAA Iron Inc.
Eastland, TX
Tel: 800-433-1716
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Flow meters

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Blue-White Industries is now offering optional National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) calibration for the Sonic-Pro® Series of Hybrid Ultrasonic Flowmeters. With this service, each meter is individually calibrated with water only and includes a calibration certification graph. The company’s Class A calibration standard test equipment is certified to provide accuracy of: ± 0.43%. Its calibration standards comply with MIL-STD 45662A and ANSI/NCSL Z540-1. Sonic-Pro flowmeters have the ability to measure fluid flow using either Doppler or Transit Time methods.

Blue-White Industries
Huntington Beach, CA
Tel: 714-893-8529
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Leak noise correlator

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To pinpoint leaks and reduce water distribution system maintenance costs, Fluid Conservation Systems has introduced the AC Digital leak noise correlator. The product is the newest addition to the company’s MicroCorr Correlators line. The fully digital leak noise correlator combines the power, graphics and ease of use of a PC-based system with the portability and durability of a rugged handheld control unit. It features a 6.5" color VGA display and advanced technology including automatic three-station functionality for improved pinpointing results and reduced dry holes.

Fluid Conservation Systems, a division of Halma Water Management
Milford, OH Tel: 800-531-5465 Web: www.fluidconservation
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Fiberglass pipe fittings

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A diversified array of special fittings for use in municipal market pipelines operating in a corrosive environment is now available from U.S. Composite Pipe South. The company has developed a standard line of fiberglass reinforced plastic pipe fittings that are molded and fabricated using the same materials used in producing Flowtite(r) filament wound pressure pipe. Flowtite fittings include elbows, wyes, tees, reducers, flanges and saddles for 12" to 96" diameters. An additional specialized design incorporates skids laminated to the Flowtite product for use in a slipline or pipe rehabilitation process.

U.S. Composite Pipe South
Zachary, LA
Tel: 225-658-6887
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Vertical turbine pumps

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Griswold™ Pump has announced the availability of its Vertical Turbine Series pumps. The pump drive is available with vertical hollow shaft, vertical solid shaft, electric motor drive or right-angle gear drive. The pumps are able to fit most any pumping job, from 60 to 14,000 gpm with head pressures up to 250 psi. Depending on pumping requirements, pump bowls are available in 6” through 24” diameters.

Griswold Pump Co.
Thomasville, GA
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Level monitoring

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Hawk, a provider of level, positioning and flow measurement technology, has begun using the HawkLink interface to communicate with the company’s devices via cell phone networks or the Internet. A HawkLink unit collects inputs from sensors and switches, and relays them to the company’s central server. A technician can log onto the server using a PC running GosHawk software and watch the inputs changing in real time. The system can transfer data in both directions, so the technician can also change the calibration and setpoints on the devices.

Hawk Measurement
Tel: 888-429-5538
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