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Oct. 1, 2009
The BakerCorp Sound Attenuated Pump can be used in areas where noise is a factor, operating at 67 dBA. Ranging in size from 4" to 8" and able to handle solids up to 3" in diameter, the unit runs at an operating speed of up to 2000 rpm and a flow range between 200 and 2600 gpm.

Sound attenuated pumps

The BakerCorp Sound Attenuated Pump can be used in areas where noise is a factor, operating at 67 dBA. Ranging in size from 4" to 8" and able to handle solids up to 3" in diameter, the unit runs at an operating speed of up to 2000 rpm and a flow range between 200 and 2600 gpm. Safety features include: a double-wall diesel fuel tank compliant with UL Standard 142, with an environmental basin able to catch 110% of all fluids on board; DOT trailer; and enclosures made of 14 gauge steel with lockable doors.
Seal Beach, CA
Tel: 800-635-7349
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Channel grinder

The Taskmaster Titan (TM 22000) features super-heavy construction and large cutting chambers capable of handling bulky solids. The grinder offers high flow capacity and has a low-headloss design. The grinder employs two counter-rotating shafts with one cutter stack intermeshing with a second one with a greater diameter. This design provides more efficient feeding and reduction of bulky solids and allows greater flow to pass through freely. The finely ground output provides protection of pumps, filter presses and other downstream equipment.
Franklin Miller Inc.
Livingston, NJ
Tel: 973-535-9200 Web:
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Motor drives

Danfoss Drives has added an M5 frame size to its VLT® Micro Drive family. The M5 frame size is 11.5 in. H x 6.5 in. W x 9.8 in. D, and covers the three-phase 380 – 480 vAC, 25 – 30 HP range. The drive offers true side-by-side mounting without any derating due to its compact book-style design. An Automatic Energy Optimizer function allows the drive to consume less energy while the Automatic Motor Adaptation feature leverages the motor's full operating potential. Users will also benefit from up to 150% more torque for up to a full minute, eliminating the need to oversize the drive.
Danfoss Drives
Milwaukee, WI
Tel: 800-621-8806
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Pump health monitoring

ITT recently introduced the ProSmart™ wireless machine health system designed to monitor all types of rotating equipment. This new technology brings real-time remote monitoring to equipment that was previously monitored by manual hand-held type data collection equipment. The system continuously monitors inputs from vibration, temperature, oil condition and level, fluid flush and leak, pressure, and speed, together with patented algorithms, to create Smart Alarms that notify the customer of machine condition via cell phone, pager, email, and a web-based browser.
ITT Industries Inc.
Seneca Falls, NY
Tel: 315-568-2811
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Pump controller

Goulds Pumps has introduced the new pre-packaged S-Drive™ Simplex Variable Speed Pump Controller for rural municipal water systems. The controller features simple wiring, start-up and programming, and is pre-packaged in an outdoor NEMA 3R enclosure that is cUL listed to meet both UL and Canadian CSA safety standards.
ITT Goulds Pumps
Seneca Falls, NY Tel: 800-734-7867 Web:
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Engine-driven pumps

Gorman-Rupp recently added new engine-driven pumps as part of its Ultra V Series®. The self-priming engine-driven pumps offer improved solids-handling capabilities along with higher heads and increased flows. Built upon the foundation of the Super T Series®, the Ultra V Series® pumps excel in high head applications where traditional self-priming trash pumps fall short.
Gorman-Rupp, Mansfield Division
Mansfield, OH
Tel: 419-755-1011
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Dosing pumps

Grundfos offers pump solutions for the water treatment, and chemical feed industries including piston/diaphragm metering pumps; sensors and controls; accessories; and products for disinfection and water treatment projects. The company also provides centrifugal pumps, packaged pumping systems, and much more.
Grundfos Pumps Corp.
Olathe, KS
Tel: 913-227-3400
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Metering pump

The Moyno® Metering Pump is now available with new pumping elements and new, integral VFD/Motor Controls. These features will help expand the scope of metering applications and enhance economical and efficient performance when metering low-flow liquids in a wide range of processing applications including dosing, sampling and metering. The integral VFD/motor controls will improve metering accuracy and repeatability. The progressing cavity design results in a smooth flow free from pulsations and variations in velocity and volume to prevent material waste or mixture imbalance.
Moyno Inc.
Springfield, OH
Tel: 877-486-6966
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Metering pumps

The Neptune Series 7000 "dia-PUMP" is a mechanically actuated diaphragm metering pump designed for water, wastewater and process applications. The mechanical design eliminates the use of contour plates on the liquid side of the diaphragm. The simple, straight through valve and head design allows improved flow characteristics.
Neptune Chemical Pump Co.
Lansdale, PA
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Split case pump

The Horizontal Split Case is Patterson Pump's heavy lifter in its H2O Works™ municipal line. It is widely used to move clear water or low-viscosity clear industrial process liquids at moderate heads. Its combination of volume with ample head and its rugged, simple design offers extended service life, reduced maintenance costs and minimum power consumption.
Patterson Pump Co.
Toccoa, GA
Tel: 706-886-2101
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Pump Drive

A new 10-page brochure details the new seepex integrated drive for its line of metering and general transfer progressive cavity pumps. The drive integrates the pumps with a single reduction gear box, a four-pole, TEFC, inverter-rated ½ HP electric induction motor and a "vector" type, variable frequency drive in a NEMA 4 enclosure. Because external or special fabricated control enclosures are not required for high pressure or run-dry protection, installation is no more complicated than a typical home stereo. The pump and drive combination can cover a performance band of 0.08 gph to 4.7 gpm and pressures to 360 psi. The effective speed range of the units is 20-600 rpm.
seepex Inc.
Enon, OH
Tel: 937-864-7150
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Automatic priming pump

Thompson Pump's 8JSCE-EBS-100 Enviroprime® Pump is a 8" automatic priming, electric-driven centrifugal pump that provides flows of up to 2,800 gpm and heads up to 230 feet. The pump handles solids up to 3" and is ideal for sewer by-pass pumping applications, emergency flood response, and any other applications that require the transfer of liquids that contain solids. The Enviroprime® priming system, unlike most automatic priming systems, prevents product blow-by of pumpage, such as sewage, effluent and waste, from being discharged onto the ground or through hoses that carry the pumpage back to the source, making it environmental friendly.
Thompson Pump & Manufacturing
Tel: 800-767-7310
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Zoeller Engineered Products offers a line of grinder pumps available from 1 to 7 ½ HP. Cool run design technology effectively disperses heat, promoting longer service life. The units are available with multiple discharge configurations and wet end designs. Some models feature the company's reversing cutter design, preventing cutter jams. The hardened SS star cutter rarely requires replacement. Models are available with either standard or explosion proof motors.
Zoeller Co.
Tel: 800-928-7867
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Right Angle Gearbox

Groschopp, a manufacturer in the gearmotor industry, has introduced a new line of IEC Right Angle (RA) Gearboxes. The gearboxes allow options for right, left or dual shaft configurations. Nine sizes range from 26mm to 130 mm. All sizes are in stock and ready to ship in 48 hours or less.
Groschopp Inc.
Sioux Center, IA Tel: 800-829-4135 Web:
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Vertical pump

The Fybroc 5530 Series vertical pump is corrosion resistant and suitable for handling difficult dry pit applications including acids, bleaches and caustics. The pump also is suited for use in odor control scrubber systems. The pump's design features include mounting outside tank; FRP construction and FRP wrapped shaft (1⁄8"); heavy duty column, shaft and bearings; and optional high pressure shaft seal.
Fybroc Division, Met-Pro Corp.
Telford, PA
Tel: 215-723-8155
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Vortex pumps

Vertiflo Pump's Series 1500 and 1600 horizontal end suction vortex pumps are finding new uses in solids handling industries. For applications in sewage treatment plants on primary and secondary sludge of 6% solids and less, these pumps provide an economical option. The base-mounted 1500 pumps are designed for use with any T frame motor or with virtually any type of drive, and the close-coupled 1600 pumps use any NEMA Standard JP Shaft Motor.
Vertiflo Pump Co.
Cincinnati, OH
Tel: 513-530-0888
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Custom pumping systems

Morris Pumps offers an expanded line of heavy-duty engineered pumps for municipal sewage, sludge, slurries, industrial waste and other water-based solids-bearing mixtures. High capacity ratings and large solids handling provide coverage for a wide range of performance and application requirements. Custom design of high-head pumping systems is routinely provided as are special materials of construction and unique mounting arrangements.
Morris Pumps
Tel: 630-236-5500
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Thermoplastic pumps

Vanton offers a range of thermoplastic pumps, including the Flex-i-Liner®, a self-priming peristaltic rotary pump for transfer and dosing of chemicals with flows to 40 gpm at temperatures to 250°F. Chem-Gard®, the company's horizontal thermoplastic centrifugal pumps for flows to 3000 gpm, heads to 400 feet at temperatures to 275°F, includes ANSI, DIN, Mag-drive, close-coupled and self-priming model designs.
Vanton Pump & Equipment Corp.
Hillside, NJ
Tel: 908-688-4216
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Self-priming pumps

The new Godwin Dri-Prime model CD500M 20" by 18" automatic self-priming pump is capable of flows to 13,200 gpm and heads to 208'. The direct drive, high volume centrifugal pump features the company's original double venturi Dri-Prime priming system. The pump is designed for general pumping with solids handling up to 4" in diameter, making it ideal for sewer bypass and municipal sludge applications with more than 28' of suction lift.
Godwin Pumps
Bridgeport, NJ
Tel: 856-467-3636
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Pump standards

The Hydraulic Institute has released its ANSI/HI Pump Standards Version 2.1 on CD-ROM. The new and comprehensive CD-ROM is comprised of the complete set of 28 ANSI/HI Standards, five of which have been extensively updated since the release of Version 2.0 in 2005. Additionally, the CD-ROM includes the first edition of the Controlled Volume Metering Pumps for Nomenclature, Definitions Application and Operation (ANSI/HI 7.1-7.5). The complete set of ANSI/HI Pump Standards CD-ROM Version 2.1 (HI Order Code CD-ROM 2.1) is available to purchase for $850.
Hydraulics Institute
Parsippany, NJ
Tel: 973-267-9700
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