Product Showcase

Nov. 1, 2012
Collection of new products of special interest to the municipal water and wastewater markets.

Stainless steel enclosures

Rittal Stainless Steel Enclosures are designed to protect critical system controls in harshest environments. The one-piece, space-saving wallmount designs are easy to install and maintain. Standard features include: 304 and 316L stainless steel construction; Blind nut mounting; Secure locking system; Foamed-on gaskets; and Zinc-plated mounting panels. Stainless steel enclosures are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and configurations for use in the most demanding environments. Rittal engineering provides for more usable space inside the enclosure than available on many larger models.

Rittal Corp.

Remote monitoring

Measurement Specialties has released its new TruBlue® Remote Monitoring System (TRMS) which will provide users with a systematic approach to collect and manage water level data remotely. The system can be used for crest stage gauging, groundwater or surface water monitoring applications, as well as tide and estuary studies. The system is composed of three parts: Transducer, Node and Gateway. The node is installed at the top of groundwater wells or stilling wells on a body of water. With up to four transducers attached, each node transmits collected data with a built-in 900 MHz RF transmitter to a gateway, which can collect information from multiple nodes. The gateway then transmits the collected information via cell modem to an Internet-based TruTel™ application that can be accessed by authorized users through the use of a standard Web browser.

Measurement Specialties Inc.

Aluminum covers

CST Covers, a division of CST Industries, has introduced a flush batten aluminum geodesic dome cover for drinking water and wastewater tanks. The OptiDome design features a double web I-beam for strength and stability, plus optimized patent-pending batten seal technology that eliminates environmental exposure and UV degradation. New hub cover technology removes the need for exterior sealant at the nodes, eliminating routine maintenance and inspection requirements. Featuring a smooth, sleek appearance, the design offers improved structural stability, functionality, and aesthetics.

CST Covers

Wastewater pump

Grundfos has released its new S-tube impeller for wastewater pumping. The innovative channel impeller offers greater hydraulic efficiency than its peers without compromising free passage. Its design eliminates edges, dead zones and cutting functions that wear over time, relying instead on a patented labyrinth and sealing system that will provide years of trouble-free operation. The impeller's simple tube shape eliminates the need for add-on assemblies that are designed to cut, shred or treat the wastewater as it flows from the pump. Meanwhile, a unique new balancing method results in less vibration and noise. Smooth, quiet operation is indicative of greater reliability and a longer lifespan for bearings, shaft seals and other components.


Check valve

The patent-pending WCV Series Full Pattern Wafer Check Valve from Hayward features robust thermoplastic construction in PVC, CPVC or GFPP, eliminating the need for spacers or specialty flanges. The lightweight WCV provides excellent corrosion resistance, with a unique angled seat and disc design that allows for high flow rates and excellent sealing. The valves fit both ANSI and DIN/EN flange patterns, and are pressure rated at 150 psi at 70°F non-shock in sizes 2" - 8".

Hayward Flow Control

Headworks system

The PISTA®Works™ from Smith & Loveless offers four headworks processes on one skid package. This pre-engineered, packaged headworks system combines screening, grit removal and grit washing into one integrated system. The system is pre-assembled and shipped direct to the job site on one truck, significantly reducing field installation costs while allowing for a compact footprint. All equipment components are constructed of stainless steel and use multiple patented technologies. Package components also include ANSI flanged connections, a 6 mm OBEX™ Spiral Fine Screen, manual bypass bar screen, two platforms for easy equipment access, and an epoxy-coated carbon steel skid support for the complete system.

Smith & Loveless

Water meter testing

The Ford Meter Box has introduced a new Auto-Stop feature designed to automate testing operations and provide a wide range of flow tests on Ford or other commercial water meter test benches. Performing up to three user-adjusted flow rate tests, the Auto-Stop uses a joystick control to stop and start tests as well as drain the test tank. Once the water level reaches pre-set tank levels, sensors on each tank allow the test to be terminated automatically.

Ford Meter Box Co.

Data management

ADS Environmental Services® has introduced IntelliServe II, designed to provide web-based data collection and analysis for collection system managers with temporary or permanent environmental data metering and in particular wastewater flow metering networks. The updated system provides direct access to documents, photos and videos, facilitates real-time interaction between field crews and data managers, and allows customers to generate custom calculations and set customized alarms.

ADS Environmental Services

Submersible pump

The Godwin Heidra 150NC hydraulic submersible pump is a powerful yet compact pump with flow capabilities to 1700 gpm and discharge heads to 185 feet of total dynamic head with a simple throttle adjustment. The pump features the unique patented Flygt N-technology with its self-cleaning impeller. The self-contained hydraulic submersible pump can pass stringy solids through its impeller without clogging and solids up to 1.75" in diameter.

Godwin, a Xylem brand

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