Sherwin-Williams wins three SSPC Structure awards

Feb. 20, 2020
Water tower, bridge and military vessel projects recognized for outstanding coatings applications.

CLEVELAND, OH, FEB 20, 2020 -- Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine and its project partners earned three Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC) Structure Awards, which recognize top coatings projects from the past year. The Company won the Charles G. Munger Award, Eric S. Kline Award and the Military Coatings Project Award of Excellence. The awards recognize a variety of coatings achievements, including: delivering long-term service life for a colorful New Mexico water tower; enabling efficient shop applications on steel for a major New York bridge project; and evaluating a copper-free antifoulant technology on a fast transport military vessel.

The SSPC Structure Awards are given annually to projects in seven categories representing an array of structures and service conditions. They honor individuals and companies who have represented the coatings industry in a positive light. The winning projects were recognized February 3, 2020, during the annual Awards Luncheon at the SSPC Coatings+ Conference in Long Beach, California.

“The SSPC Structure Awards represent the best applications of advanced coatings technologies that prolong the service life and beauty of impressive structures around the world. That’s exactly what Sherwin-Williams and our project partners strive to do every day in our work,” said W. Doni Riddle, Senior Vice President of Sales, Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine. “Sherwin-Williams has been recognized multiple years in a row, which demonstrates our commitment to enhancing asset protection, enabling efficiencies and advancing coatings science. These qualities are demonstrated in each of this year’s award-winning projects, and they wouldn’t have been possible without the fine work of the asset owners, specifiers, engineers and applicators in leveraging high-performance coatings to obtain excellent results.”

Charles G. Munger Award – Mesa Del Sol 2-Million-Gallon Composite Elevated Tank
The Charles G. Munger Award recognizes outstanding achievements in an industrial or commercial coatings project demonstrating longevity of the original coating. Such long-term durability is apparent on both the inside and outside of the winning project – a 2-million-gallon composite elevated water storage tank serving the Mesa Del Sol master-planned community in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The 175-foot tall tank features a variety of interior and exterior coatings from Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine that offer outstanding long-term corrosion resistance.

Steel plates that make up the tank were first primed in a shop in June 2007 using Zinc Clad® PCP Ultra as a sacrificial pre-construction primer. After the tank was constructed in July 2008, applicators sprayed a field primer coat of Corothane® I Galvapac Zinc Primer followed by an intermediate coat of Acrolon™ 218 HS. For the topcoat, which features a colorful white oak leaf design, the project team used FluoroKem™ HS, an ultra-durable high-solids fluoropolymer urethane finish that delivers outstanding long-term color and gloss retention. For supplemental protection, applicators added a coat of clear FluoroKem over the design. The coating system has helped the artwork retain color and gloss over the past 12 years in the extremely high ultraviolet exposure conditions of New Mexico, in which typical polyurethane finishes begin to fade within a few years.

The inside of the tank features a durable three-coat lining system using Corothane I Galvapac Zinc Primer and two coats of Macropoxy® 646 PW. The lining is still in excellent condition.

Additional members of the winning project team included the tank’s owner Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority, as well as design-build contractor Landmark Structures of Fort Worth, Texas, and Albuquerque-based engineering consulting firm Bohannon Huston, Inc.

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