WaterBriefs: U.S. residential water treatment market to surpass $2.6 billion in 2005

Nov. 19, 2005
Also in this report: EPA approves changes to Mich. drinking water rules; Vinyltech to expand PVC plant; World Bank supports Tunisian water supply project; Biorem wins $1M order for Ga. city; Conn. Water buys water supplier; Arcadis aids hurricane relief with Habitat for Humanity; Jury awards Global Water Group $1M; Datastream deployments top 2,500 users; NYSSA set for 9th Water Conference; PA awards $14.4M in Growing Greener funds; USGS climate models help scientists with water shifts...

In other news below:
-- Changes to Michigan drinking water rules to better protect public health
-- Vinyltech announces plant expansion
-- World Bank supports urban water supply project in Tunisia
-- Institute addresses administrative and legal aspects of building department management
-- Conn. Water to acquire South Coventry Water Supply Co.
-- Biorem receives $1 million order for Georgia municipality
-- Arcadis aids hurricane relief through Habitat for Humanity
-- Tetra Tech selects Batrack to succeed Hwang as CEO
-- Dallas jury awards Global Water Group $1 million in trade secrets case
-- Datastream announces continued momentum in public sector with over 2,500 users
-- NYSSA presents 9th Annual Water Conference
-- Second Annual Clean-Tech Investor Summit hosted by Clean Edge, IBF
-- PA awards $14.4 million in Growing Greener funds, $43 million for business development
-- USGS climate models help scientists understand global shifts in water availability

U.S. residential water treatment market to surpass $2.6 Billion in 2005
NEW YORK, Nov. 18, 2005 (PR Newswire) -- As consumer concerns over drinking water purity continue to rise, sales in the home water treatment market will easily soar past the $2.6 billion mark by year's end, according to "The U.S. Market for Residential Water Treatment," a new report from market research publisher Specialists in Business Information (SBI), a division of MarketResearch.com.

SBI announced yesterday that it projects the home water treatment market -- which consists of both water filtration systems and water softeners -- will reach $2.633 billion in 2005, a 6.5% increase over 2004. Dominated by filtration devices, which command 70% of the market share, the market has been bolstered by growing consumer interest in newer purification technologies such as reverse osmosis (RO), ozone, and ultraviolet (UV). Of note, in 2005 RO gained a significant edge over activated charcoal filtration -- $585 million vs. $566.52 million in retail sales -- amplifying the consumers' shift toward filtration technologies offering greater protection from a wider range of contaminants.

It's important to note that sales figures and projections were calculated while the nation suffered through a late summer rife with natural disasters. Consequently, Packaged Facts projects that sales of water treatment products will be strong at year's end. "With fears of chemical and bacterial contamination running high in the wake of hurricanes Katrina and Rita, we're bound to see this market jump in 2006 as daily life necessitates water treatment equipment for millions of people who may have never considered purified drinking water before," said Don Montuori, the publisher of SBI. "No American wants to risk being made ill by their drinking water, so we'll see an increase across the board as consumers find a filtration system that works best for their budget."

The U.S. Market for Residential Water Treatment includes an extensive examination of the U.S. water supply; identifies key issues, regulations and trends affecting the marketplace; examines purchaser demographics, and profiles manufacturer and retailer strategies used to maximize growth and profitability. Priced at $3000, this report can be purchased directly from SBI by clicking: www.marketresearch.com/product/display.asp?xs=r&productid=1175662. It is also available at MarketResearch.com.

Specialists in Business Information (SBI), a division of MarketResearch.com (www.marketresearch.com), publishes research reports in the industrial, construction, and materials markets.


Among other recent headlines:
Proposed changes to Michigan drinking water rules will better protect public health -- CHICAGO, Nov. 18, 2005 -- The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 5 office seeks comments on its tentative decision to approve five changes to Michigan's drinking water regulations that will enhance protection of public health and increase information provided to the public about their drinking water. The changes are required under amendments to the federal Safe Drinking Water Act. As EPA adopts new drinking water regulations, states such as Michigan that administer their own programs must adopt rules at least as stringent...

Vinyltech announces PVC plant expansion -- PHOENIX, Nov. 18, 2005 -- Officials at Vinyltech Corp. announced expansion plans for the company's plant in Phoenix, Ariz. The expansion will involve installing a state-of-the-art blending system and adding two additional extrusion lines, which will increase the company's capacity by 40% in producing PVC pipe used in municipal water, wastewater and reclaimed water systems...

World Bank supports urban water supply project in Tunisia -- WASHINGTON, Nov. 17, 2005 -- The World Bank today approved a $38 million loan to the National Public Water Supply Utility (SONEDE) -- with the guarantee of the Republic of Tunisia -- for an urban water supply project. Tunisia has achieved the highest access rates to water supply and sanitation services among middle-income countries in MENA through sound infrastructure policy. Ninety-six% of urban dwellers and 52% of the rural population already have access to improved sanitation. By the end of 2006, access to safe drinking water will be close to universal (approaching 100% in urban areas and 90% in rural areas). However, the water supply sector faces specific challenges, including increased demands and scarce resources, and SONEDE must strengthen its efficiency while delivering high quality water and customer service...
In other World Bank news:
-- "World Bank Board Discusses Management's Response to Inspection Panel's Investigation of the Colombia-Cartagena Water Supply, Sewerage and Environmental Management Project"
-- "World Bank Seeks Best Ideas for Water, Sanitation and Energy Projects"
-- "Vietnam: World Bank Supports Vietnam With Credits for $225 Million"
-- "Mexico: World Bank Approves $25 Million for Water and Sanitation"
-- "Guyana: World Bank Approves $11.3 Million Grant for Water Sector"
-- "RP-WB Sign Loan for Better Sewerage and Sanitation Services: Over 3 Million Filipinos to Benefit"

Institute addresses administrative and legal aspects of building department management -- FALLS CHURCH, VA, Nov. 17, 2005 -- The scope of work for code officials is not limited to issuing permits and conducting building inspections. Today, code officials must administer and enforce policies, interpret and apply legal provisions and possess strong communication, personnel and financial management skills in order to lead their building department. Develop those skills at the International Code Council 2006 Code Official Institute to be held Jan. 23-26 in Phoenix...

Connecticut Water to acquire South Coventry Water Supply Co. -- CLINTON, CT, Nov. 17, 2005 -- Connecticut Water Service Inc. has reached an agreement to acquire the South Coventry Water Supply Company (SCWSC) for approximately $103,000. The South Coventry Water Supply Company serves 123 customers in the town of Coventry, Connecticut, and is located less than one mile from three other water systems owned and operated by the Connecticut Water Company, Connecticut Water Service's largest regulated public water subsidiary. Although not a large acquisition, the South Coventry system is expected to grow by more than 30% through the addition of a planned housing complex that will add 36 new customers...

CVF Technologies Corp.'s holding, Biorem receives $1 million order for Ga. municipality -- WILLIAMSVILLE, NY, Nov. 17, 2005 -- CVF Technologies Corp.'s holding Biorem announced the receipt of a $1.0 million order for a Biofiltair™ odor removal system from Clayton County, a municipality located in the greater metropolitan area of Atlanta. The installation, scheduled for 2006, will consist of a field-erected biofilter that will treat 46,000 cfm of foul air captured from several locations in the wastewater treatment plant...

Arcadis aids hurricane relief through Habitat for Humanity-- DENVER, Nov. 17, 2005 -- Arcadis, the international consultancy and engineering company, announced that in the wake of the devastation from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and in lieu of holiday cards and gifts, Arcadis has made a $25,000 donation on behalf the firm's clients to Habitat for Humanity (www.habitat.org). Each client will receive a postcard thanking them for providing ArcadisS with the opportunity to work with them and informing them of the donation made on their behalf. The company is also aiding in the reconstruction of infrastructure in affected areas by providing catastrophe emergency response, recovery, and restoration services for homes and industrial facilities roads, bridges, railways, water systems, and other infrastructure...

Tetra Tech selects Dan Batrack to succeed Li-San Hwang as CEO -- PASADENA, CA, Nov. 17, 2005 -- Tetra Tech Inc.'s Chairman Li-San Hwang announced that he will retire as CEO and remain board chairman until the 2006 Annual Meeting of Stockholders. The board unanimously elected Dan Batrack, the company's executive vice president and COO, to succeed Dr. Hwang as CEO. Batrack will also maintain the position of COO and has been elected to the board of directors...

Dallas jury awards Global Water Group Inc. $1 million in trade secrets case -- DALLAS, Nov. 17, 2005 -- Global Water Group Inc., a Dallas-based water purification equipment manufacturer, was awarded $1 million in damages in a trade secrets case. In its Nov. 14 verdict, a jury in Dallas' 116th District Court found that Robert Atchley and his company, Aspen Water Inc., were part of a conspiracy to use Global Water Group's technology...

Datastream announces continued momentum in public sector with new Datastream 7i deployments and rapid revenue growth -- Over 2,500 public sector organizations purchase Datastream products; Double-digit growth continues with Greensboro, Miami Beach, Roanoke and Sacramento deployments -- GREENVILLE, SC, Nov. 17, 2005 -- Datastream Systems, Inc. today announced that over 2,500 cities, municipalities and government agencies worldwide have purchased Datastream solutions to manage their assets and infrastructure, including water and sewer systems, roadways and buildings, vehicle fleets, parks and public buildings...

NYSSA presents 9th Annual Water Conference -- NEW YORK, Nov. 17, 2005 -- The New York Society of Security Analysts (NYSSA) will present the 9th Annual Water Conference on Dec. 8. Over the past year, publicly traded water utility stocks have experienced significant growth in their valuations and yielded an average dividend of over 3.25%. Can this trend continue? Hear CEOs, CFOs, and other VIPs from water utility and service companies discuss the future of the water industry...

Smart grids, crude awakenings and future of water top issues at Second Annual Clean-Tech Investor Summit hosted by Clean Edge, IBF -- Author Matt Simmons, former EPA director Bill Reilly and California Energy Commissioner Art Rosenfeld join Chevron, Sharp, and CalPERS as confirmed speakers -- OAKLAND, CA, & MASSAPEQUA, NY, Nov. 17, 2005 -- Global investment in renewable energy alone set a new record of $30 billion in 2004. And with solar power, wind power, and fuel cells poised to hit double-digit growth rates again this year, clean technologies are ready for prime time. Clean tech is attracting intense attention from venture-driven capitalists ready to invest in new areas where disruptive technologies offer large potential returns in energy, water, and materials. As in any emerging sector, risks and obstacles go hand-in-hand with opportunities -- and access to the latest information and intelligence are key components to success. Join Clean Edge, Inc. and IBF Conferences as they host an exclusive forum of investors, technology innovators, corporate executives, university researchers, and policy makers at the second annual Clean-Tech Investor Summit on Feb. 1-2 in Rancho Mirage, Calif...

PA awards $14.4 million in Growing Greener funds -- Funding for 129 projects follows Gov. Rendell's Nov. 2 announcement of first $65 million awarded as part of Growing Greener II Initiative -- HARRISBURG, PA, Nov. 17, 2005 -- As part of Gov. Edward G. Rendell's aggressive agenda to improve the state's economy and environment, Pennsylvania is investing $14.4 million to help local conservation organizations clean up watersheds, enhance environmental protection and revitalize communities across Pennsylvania. The money will fund 129 project grants through Pennsylvania's Growing Greener program...
In other recent PaDEP news:
-- "PA DEP Sues PPL for Martins Creek Ash Spill" --
-- "To Protect Public Safety, PA DEP Orders Breaching of Bradford County Dam"
-- "DEP Holds Public Meeting on Groundwater Contamination Case in Lackawanna County"
-- "PA Governor Rendell Announces More Than $43 Million Investment to Prepare Sites for Business Development and Expansion"
-- "DEP Issues Second Re-Mining Permit to Allegheny Enterprises to Reclaim Abandoned Mine Site; Protect and Improve Headwaters of Findley Run"
-- "DEP Extends Public Comment Period on Nutrient Trading Policy"

USGS climate models help scientists understand global shifts in water availability -- WASHINGTON, DC, Nov. 16, 2005 -- USGS scientists have a clearer picture of global shifts in water availability after examining a century of streamflow measurements from 165 locations around the world. Simulations from an ensemble of 12 global climate models compared favorably with the historical streamflow data. The scientists discovered that climate models have significant relevance in simulating historical long-term trends in streamflow around the world. That finding lends credibility to the same models' streamflow forecasts for the coming decades. And what do the models show about the future? The models predict 10 to 40% increases in runoff in eastern equatorial Africa, the La Plata basin and high latitude North America and Eurasia by the year 2050. They also predict 10 to 30% decreases in runoff in southern Africa, southern Europe, the Middle East and mid-latitude western North America by the year 2050...


In earlier newsbriefs, see: "WaterBriefs: American Rivers decries handing waterways over to hydropower industry" -- Also in this report (Nov. 16, 2005): Globetech Environmental's Beiseker plant acquisition delayed; Ingersoll-Rand microturbine certified by California Air Resource Board; Greek shipping firm pleads guilty to concealing vessel pollution; First Great Lakes Legacy Act cleanup project now complete; AquaCell selected for Raytheon water project; Itron joins EPA's National Environmental Performance Track program; Washington Group expands facility management contract with Caterpillar; Minn., Ohio watershed groups receive EPA grants; TTCM China signs two contracts with city of Chong Qing; Hendrx achieves atmospheric water generation breakthrough for 50% greater daily volume; Level 5 Networks speeds advancements in computational fluid dynamics; Sentinel Solutions chooses leasing company; Invensys to supply upgraded digital turbine control systems at AEP's Cook Nuclear Plant; Pittcon 2006 announces early kickoff with first-ever Sunday technical program...


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