More than $4 million in research funding available through foundation

March 29, 2007
The Awwa Research Foundation has issued requests for proposals (RFPs) totaling more than $4 million in solicited research funding. The RFPs, available on the AwwaRF Web site at , are due in May or July 2007, as specified in each RFP.

Denver, CO, March 29, 2007 -- The Awwa Research Foundation (AwwaRF), a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the science of drinking water, has issued requests for proposals (RFPs) totaling more than $4 million in solicited research funding. The RFPs, available on the AwwaRF Web site at , are due in May or July 2007, as specified in each RFP.

Collectively, the projects represent a wide range of topics of critical importance to the drinking water community. "The annual research agenda is developed to target many of the water supply industry's biggest challenges, based on feedback from our members, leading professionals in the field, and the results of prior research," said Robert C. Renner, AwwaRF executive director. "AwwaRF research builds a body of knowledge to help utilities and other water professionals stay ahead of emerging issues and continuously enhance operations, improve drinking water quality, and meet customer expectations."

The 2007 RFPs are as follows:

Setting Water Utility Investment Priorities: Assessing Customer Preferences and Willingness To Pay (RFP 4085)

Minimizing Water Treatment Residual Discharges to Surface Water (RFP 4086)

Assessing and Managing Biofilm in Distribution Systems (RFP 4087)

Effect of Coagulant Changeover on Release of Lead from Plumbing Materials (RFP 4088)

Method Development For Disinfection By-Products Associated With Cancer (co-funded by U.K. Drinking Water Inspectorate) (RFP 4089)

The Role of Amoebae in the Protection and Proliferation of Pathogens in Distribution System (co-funded by U.K. Drinking Water Inspectorate) (RFP 4092)

Long-Term Performance of Asbestos Cement Pipe (RFP 4093)

Global Review of Spray-On Structural Lining Technologies (RFP 4095)

Optimizing Information Technology Solutions for Water Utilities (RFP 4097)

Development of Cryptosporidium Speciation Protocol for Source Water Protection (RFP 4099)
Optimizing the Water Utility Customer Contact Center (RFP 4100)

Evaluation of Granular Activated Carbon Filter Caps for Control of Disinfection By-Product Precursors and Trace Organic Contaminants (RFP 4101)

Evaluation of Membrane Characterization Methods (RFP 4102)

Comparison of Zinc vs. Non-Zinc Corrosion Control for Lead and Copper (RFP 4103)

Criteria for Optimized Distribution Systems (co-funded by AWWA – Partnership for Safe Water) (RFP 4109)

All projects, unless otherwise indicated, must include 25 percent of the total project budget as in-kind or cash contribution. In-kind contributions can be in the form of labor, materials, or laboratory and other services, and may come from project participants such as water utilities, consulting firms, and universities. For each project, an appointed project advisory committee will evaluate proposals based on responsiveness to the RFP, scientific and technical merit, and qualifications of the researchers. Guidelines for preparing solicited proposals are available on the Web site.

The Awwa Research Foundation is a member-supported, international, nonprofit organization that sponsors research to enable water utilities, public health agencies, and other professionals to provide safe and affordable drinking water to consumers. With more than 900 subscriber members in the U.S. and abroad, AwwaRF has funded and managed more than 1,000 projects valued at more than $400 million. More information on the Awwa Research Foundation is available at

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