Utilis launches new brand name ASTERRA

Aug. 6, 2021
The company's technologies, products and website will feature the new name ASTERRA, as it begins to expand into several infrastructure markets.

This morning Utilis, an international leak detection and infrastructure analysis company, announced that it has rebranded its product line under the name ASTERRA. While the company plans to keep its original name as Utilis, the ASTERRA title will now act as the brand and name of its products, technologies and websites.

Utilis offers AWWA award-winning products for pipeline assessment, leak detection, and general infrastructure assessment through synthetic-aperture radar (SAR) analysis.While originally operating primarily for pipeline infrastructure, Utilis began to expand its services into other earth-affected markets.

The name change comes as the company plans to expand its branding beyond the water utility industry and into several new infrastructure markets. The company stated that the change was, in part, to reflect its vision "to be better citizens of a more sustainable world," as the it stated in an announcement video, and also to position the company as a space-based technology.

The branding transition also allows the company to frame its technologies for three main solutions:

  • ASTERRA MasterPlan, for pipe deficiency assessment
  • ASTERRA Recover, for leak detection
  • ASTERRA EarthWorks, for ground infrastructure assessment