Corrosion Resistance for FRP Pipes and Tanks

June 2, 2018
Composite resins protect fiberglass reinforced pipes, tanks, scrubbers, and wastewater ductwork.

Composite resins protect fiberglass reinforced pipe

When it comes to corrosion-resistant fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) tanks, pipes, ducting, pultruded profiles, and custom components, Ashland’s Derakane™ resins are designed for the toughest environments. Used for chemical containment and transport in a variety of applications including chemical processing, pulp and paper and wastewater treatment. Derakane epoxy vinyl ester resins feature durability, heat resistance, low maintenance and high performance.

Derakane Signia can be used in tanks, pipes, pumps and odor control scrubbers.

The latest addition to Ashland’s Derakane line of composite resins for corrosion management is Derakane Signia™. The formula is suitable for use in a variety of applications, including pipes, tanks, scrubbers and wastewater ductwork.

The new easy-to-use formula helps to maintain corrosion-­resistant FRP pipes and tanks. The resins are formulated to provide a no-prep surface, increased secondary bonding and reduced gassing for faster consolidation and less processing time and labor.

The formula is prepared with an innovative styrene suppressant system to reduce emissions, extend permits, and provide a low-odor environment. Reduced odor and less dust help provide a better overall work environment for employees, and a longer shelf life allows Derakane Signia resins to maintain workability for an extended timeframe.

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