Anglian Water awards first AMP7 leakage framework

Nov. 13, 2018
Leak detection technology company Primayer signs earlybird AMP7 contract, possibly worth £40 million.

DENMEAD, UK, NOV 13, 2018 -- Anglian Water has awarded one of the first framework contracts of AMP7 to leak detection specialist Primayer. The £40 million agreement for leak detection products has been awarded jointly to 10 suppliers and will ensure the utility has access to as wide a selection of equipment as possible.

Primayer, which is based in Denmead, Hampshire, has been manufacturing intelligent technologies for water network monitoring, leakage control and flow measurement for over 20 years. The company's research and development team works closely with utility field teams and their partners to develop best-in-class technologies that directly meet industry requirements.

In a change to the way frameworks are usually planned, the five-year contract with Anglian Water runs from 2017-23, covering the remainder of the current regulatory asset management period (AMP6) and the start of AMP7, which runs from 2020-25. Anglian Water aims to reduce leakage by 22% across its 40,000km network in AMP7 with a total investment of £240 million

Kevin Brook, sales director, Primayer said, "Ofwat, the water industry regulator for England and Wales, has raised expectations on leak reduction dramatically. Utilities are expected to cut losses by 15% minimum in AMP7 to avoid penalties and some, including Anglian Water, are going even further.

"Anglian Water has taken a very considered approach to the way this framework has been set up. Awarding the framework for leakage products to multiple suppliers gives the company access to a very broad range of equipment and starting it immediately means they hit the ground running.

"Primayer is delighted to be named as one of their partners and we look forward to working ever more closely with the Anglian leakage team."

Sean McCarthy, head of leakage at Anglian Water said, "We already have the lowest level of leakage in the water industry at half the national average. But being ahead of the curve means we're now into the realms of tracking down really hard to find leaks long before they're visible to the naked eye, meaning our leakage targets are now really tough.

"We're looking into every avenue of engineering available to us to continually be better and technology like this will revolutionize our ability to meet those tough targets."