Pa. community park gets stormwater system upgrade from Oldcastle Precast

Dec. 29, 2016
The Hanover Township Public Works Department teamed with Oldcastle Precast to devise a unique stormwater solution using special reinforced concrete pipes.

HANOVER TOWNSHIP, PA, DECEMBER 29, 2016 -- Unsettled with the increasing stormwater flowing through the Hanover Township Community Park, in Bethlehem, Pa., the Hanover Township Public Works Department teamed with Oldcastle Precast to devise a unique stormwater solution, using special reinforced concrete pipes, to reconstruct the exiting stormwater structure.

With increased stormwater run-off through the park and the increasing development occurring near the Allentown Airport, where the community park adjoins, the Public Works Department knew infrastructure changes were necessary.

Concern for taking on such a large project with the township's group of employees, Public Works Director Vince Milite contacted Oldcastle Precast-Mid-Atlantic, looking for ideas to remedy the situation. By joining forces, they achieved a viable option using special, large, reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) to create the new stormwater structure. Consequently, after careful review, Hanover Township approved the plans, using this creative solution.

Director, Vince Milite and Oldcastle Precast designed the system, incorporating 48-feet of 48-inch, Class 3, reinforced precast pipe (three 16-foot spans, side-by-side); six, 48-inch flared end sections (one on each end of a row); three bell end sections (for downstream); and three spigot ends (for upstream), creating the new stormwater structure.

Oldcastle Precast provided engineering design support and manufactured the 48-inch reinforced concrete pipe at their Croydon, Pa. facility and the 48-inch flared end sections at their Folsom, N.J. facility.

"The precast drainage solution worked very well. Before, the water backed up on the upper fields, where they had smaller drainage pipes. By using the triple cell 48-inch line and flared end sections, the run-off flows out of the upper area into the lower region of the community park," said Ed Pentecost, Sales Manager at Oldcastle Precast. "Moreover, compared to casting in place, digging a hole and placing RCP makes the project much easier, quicker and more efficient. Using innovative concrete products for unique project challenges specifiers and makes them think outside the norm."

"The project turned out great for our group," said Director, Vince Milite. "We are all very happy with the entire process and outcome."

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