New wireless modem uses GSM technology

April 23, 2003
A new modem provides remote communications and data collection via GSM digital wireless technology, allowing for remote monitoring of flowmeters and samplers.

April 22, 2003 -- Hach has announced the availability of the Hach Sigma 1000 wireless modem.

The Sigma 1000 provides remote communications and data collection via GSM digital wireless technology allowing for remote monitoring of Sigma 900 series Open Channel flow meters and the 900 MAX sampler from the safety and comfort of the office.

The Sigma 1000 allows for real-time data collection and quick identification of problems in the field. Operators can collect flow, level, velocity, water quality and sampling data remotely, anytime. This allows for a crew to only be sent into the field when and where a problem is identified, thus saving time and money. The digital GSM technology allows for faster and more reliable communications, lower power consumption and longer life expectancy.

The Sigma 1000 also offers remote programming capabilities for the Sigma Open Channel Flow Meters. The same communication that is typically available in the field can be utilized from the office and instant adjustments to the flow meters can be made. The Sigma 1000 is ideal for applications such as sanitary sewer overflows, combined sewer overflows, sanitary sewer evaluation studies, storm water compliance monitoring, industrial pretreatment monitoring and billing or custody transfer.

Hach Company provides complete solutions that allow the right testing and process control decisions, sampling and flow monitoring, the highest quality water, and the peace of mind of all involved. For complete information and to order, contact Hach Company, P.O. Box 389, Loveland, Colorado, 80539, USA; visit; call 800.227.4224 in the USA and Canada; or call 970.669.3050 in all other areas.

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