Partnership to expand automated, intelligent water meter reading solutions

Aug. 27, 2009
LONGMONT, CO, Aug. 27, 2009 -- RidgeviewTel and National Meter & Automation Inc. (NMAAI) have partnered to provide a comprehensive real-time, cost saving solution for automatic meter reading/advanced metering infrastructures for water management companies and municipalities...

LONGMONT, CO, Aug. 27, 2009 -- Broadband network technology developer RidgeviewTel and advanced water meter provider National Meter & Automation Inc. (NMAAI) have partnered to provide a comprehensive real-time, cost saving solution for automatic meter reading/advanced metering infrastructures (AMR/AMI) for water management companies and municipalities.

The direct connection between RidgeviewTel's network services and NMAAI's AMI/AMR meter reading systems allows water utility companies to utilize an offering to ensure the accuracy, efficiency, and sustained performance of the distribution system as well as the ability to maximize revenue and conserve resources. By deploying a wireless broadband network along with automated meter reading products, data can be collected real-time at the water management office, thus eliminating the need for employees to drive to each location. The immediate benefits include vehicle and fuel cost savings along with reduced risk exposure for employees, while also allowing them to focus on other strategic functions.

"It is my pleasure to announce that RidgeviewTel and National Meter & Automation have developed this strategic partnership. RidgeviewTel continues to be ahead of the curve in network design and that, coupled with their dBOSS platform and network management expertise, gives strong support for both our companies," said Noel Frakes, CEO of NMAAI.

NMAAI and RidgeviewTel have been working together since 2007 when RidgeviewTel designed the network and provided the back office support for NMAAI's City of Fort Lupton, Colo. AMI project. Funded by the Colorado Department of Local Affairs and aimed to help conserve water, their wireless meter reading system utilizes a small, closed Wi-Fi network to relay information from service locations (gateways) to the main city office where data is downloaded and utilized for their billing system.

"Our system is very beneficial. We are able to be more efficient in readings, and to provide valuable information to our customers. Customers are able to get an hour by hour reading of their usage which will help pinpoint problems in their sprinkler system, and we have contacted them directly to advise them that a potential leak may exist in their system," said Claud W. Hanes, Finance Director for the City of Fort Lupton.

NMAAI is using RidgeviewTel's dBOSS platform to model complete, automated meter reading network designs in hours instead of days or weeks. The dBOSS functionality also demonstrates where an existing telecommunications infrastructure can be utilized or if the addition of a new closed wireless broadband network can best support cost-saving connectivity for the meter network. Additionally, RidgeviewTel's technology displays how AMI/AMR networks can be designed as community-based networks for future service expansion and revenue generation.

"dBOSS was developed with all these types of networks in mind," says Vince Jordan, RidgeviewTel's CEO. "The architecture's flexibility allows us to apply a smart grid concept to support and streamline NMAAI's automatic meter reading projects at the highest level possible. We are excited to be working with one of the premier automated meter reading companies in the nation."

NMAAI is a certified BadgerMeter Inc. reseller for the ORION Hybrid AMR/AMI products. The ORION water meter transmitter, coupled with the ORION Gateway Receiver, wirelessly transmits data regarding water usage back via the telecommunications infrastructure or closed wireless broadband network to the utility company, ensuring accuracy of the data as well as eliminating the need for on-site water meter reading.

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