Pure Technologies to provide pipeline condition assessment for DC Water

Aug. 10, 2017
Five-year, $10M contract awarded for pipeline condition assessment in D.C.

CALGARY, AUG 10, 2017 -- The District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority ("DC Water") has awarded Pure Technologies ("Pure" or "the Company"; TSX: PUR), through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Pure Technologies U.S. Inc., a contract worth up to US$10 million over 5 years for condition assessment of their major water and sewer pipelines.

Using its proprietary technologies and solutions, Pure will collect new pipeline inspection and condition data and work with DC Water's asset management division to integrate this information into their existing data management systems. Pure will also provide data analysis and recommend pipeline rehabilitation options for large diameter water pipelines and major sewers in Washington, DC.

The new contract expands on prior work -- conducted by Pure over the past 3 years -- including pipeline condition assessment and helping to develop a pipeline risk prioritization and management program allowing DC Water to cost effectively manage their critical pipelines. Previous, collaborative efforts also include an analysis of DC Water's large diameter water pipelines using machine learning techniques to determine probability and consequence of failure.

About DC Water
The District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority is an industry leading, multi-jurisdictional regional utility that provides a reliable water transmission system to over 681,000 residents, 1.7 million annual visitors and 700,000 people employed within the City limits. In addition, DC Water is responsible for providing a reliable sewage collection system to more than 2 million people in the Washington, DC, Metropolitan area.

About Pure Technologies Ltd.
Pure Technologies Ltd. is an international asset management, technology and services company which has developed patented technologies for inspection, monitoring and management of critical infrastructure around the world.