Automation Technology completes factory acceptance test for IPL water project

Jan. 30, 2017
The actuator will be used to regulate the water flow on the first phase of the 20-year planned project. 

HOUSTON, TEXAS, JANUARY 30, 2017 -- Automation Technology, LLC (ATI) has successfully completed the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) on the first of its five hydraulically-operated linear actuators for the Integrated Pipeline Project (IPL), co-partnered by the Tarrant Regional Water District and City of Dallas Water Utilities (Texas). The actuator, believed to be the largest in the world for this service, has a 30-inch bore with a 110-inch stroke and operates a Blackhall-manufactured parallel faced metal-seated gate valve on a 108-inch raw water line.

The actuator will be used to regulate the water flow on the first phase of the 20-year planned project that will ultimately consist of 150 miles of pipeline, three pump stations and three booster stations. The project will eventually deliver 350 million gallons per day (MGD) of raw water from five Texas lakes to the Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex.

The ATI linear actuator was selected for this service because of its ability to provide reliable closure of the massive gate valve. The hydraulic double-acting linear actuators and gate valves are expected to operate for the intended 100 years of the project. ATI president, Brent York, commented," We are enthusiastic about participating in this world class project. Designing and manufacturing this distinctive product presented many challenges which we overcame using our experience in rising stem valve operation.

While the valves will be buried, the actuators will operate above ground. Because of its unique vertical profile, the actuators will be surrounded by a simulated grain silo providing a façade and easy access for maintenance. First phase completion is planned for 2018.

ATI is an integrated manufacturer of valve automation solutions, customized for specific client requirements. The company's Gevalco®engineered products are prominent on major pipeline systems and on more than one-half of the world's refining operations. ATI products include linear actuators for rising stem valves, quarter-turn hydraulic and gas-over-oil actuators, multi-turn direct gas actuators, power systems, and cutting-edge controls.