Metropolitan Water District of Southern California partners with Pure Technologies

Nov. 15, 2017
Contract worth up to US$4.2M over five years for the inspection of prestressed concrete cylinder pipelines.

CALGARY, NOV. 15, 2017 -- The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California ("MWD") has awarded Pure Technologies ("Pure" or "the Company"; TSX: PUR), through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Pure Technologies U.S. Inc., a contract worth up to US$4.2 million over five years for the inspection of their Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipelines ("PCCP"). Work under the contract is expected to begin immediately.

Under the contract, Pure will provide pipeline condition assessment services as part of MWD's long-term PCCP Rehabilitation Program. Pure was selected due to its leading PCCP inspection technologies, which address a wide range of pipe sizes, and its ability to perform certain assessment services while pipelines remain operational. The pipelines to be inspected over a five-year period will be selected based on their criticality to MWD's water delivery system as well as the condition and repair data already collected by MWD. In total, MWD's water delivery system includes approximately 830 miles of large-diameter pipelines; approximately 19% are comprised of PCCP and 47% represents metallic pipe.

This new contract follows the Company's response to MWD's August, 2016, request for qualification ("RFQ") for a Large Diameter Concrete & Metallic Pipeline Inspection Services project. The purpose of the RFQ was to develop a list of pre-qualified respondents who could provide inspection services for large-diameter water delivery pipelines utilizing state-of-the-art inspection technologies. The Company was selected as a pre-qualified respondent for the Large Diameter Concrete and Metallic Pipeline Inspection Services project.

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