VODA.ai, Mueller to support decision-making through artificial intelligence

Sept. 28, 2020
Machine learning software to power virtual condition assessment technology delivered by Echologics.

BOSTON -- VODA.ai announced a partnership with Mueller Water Products to provide machine learning software to power PipeRankTM virtual condition assessment technology delivered by Echologics.

VODA.ai's machine learning engine is designed to deliver remarkably accurate predictions for future water pipe failures, both in the near term (the next twelve months) as well as longer term. Many utilities choose to replace pipes based on pipe material, age and history of prior failures. These methods are significantly less accurate than the PipeRank technology, powered by VODA.ai.

"Current industry best practice leverages some data to identify trends and generate data-supported decisions for failure planning and capital deployment. The PipeRank technology combines pipe degradation factors with VODA.ai's machine learning model to enable utilities to prioritize every pipe segment by likelihood and consequences of failure," said Eric Stacey, Vice President and General Manager of Echologics.

The PipeRank technology identifies pipes likely to fail in the near future and assigns a business risk score to every segment. With this data, a condition assessment can then be performed using the Echologics ePulse® technology to diagnose specific problems. This makes it easy for utilities to plan their operating and engineering programs by guiding actions and focusing resources on the highest risk assets. 

"The relationship with the Echologics team is exciting for us. Their industry leadership will introduce VODA.ai to more utilities. Via this relationship, we will work with the Echologics team to support smarter decision making and continue to serve the water industry," said George Demosthenous, CEO at VODA.ai.

About VODA.ai:  VODA.ai uses artificial intelligence to virtually assess the condition of water mains and help utilities make smart decisions based on science. VODA.ai is a Software as a Service company serving utilities worldwide headquartered in Boston Massachusetts. VODA.ai's patent-pending machine learning technology finds patterns from previous pipe failures and enables PipeRank to support science-based decision making.  VODA.ai software also "cleans" data by finding missing data and anomalies, enhancing predictive accuracy as well as serving customers' other digital systems.

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