House passes $1.5 Trillion infrastructure bill

July 6, 2020
The Moving Forward Act is expected to be thrown out in the Senate.

WASHINGTON, DC -- The House of Representatives approved a $1.5 trillion infrastructure package, the Moving Forward Act by a 233-188 vote on July 1.

The bill would reauthorize the Clean Water State Revolving Fund at $8 billion a year over five years, approximately five times higher than funding that was appropriated this year, and allocate $4.5 billion a year over five years for lead pipe replacement.

Other water-related provisions include: gradually increasing the authorization for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative from $300 million a year to $475 million a year by 2026; increasing the authorization for Title XVI water recycling program from $50 million to $500 million; and authorizing $750 million for groundwater and surface water storage projects in the western US.

The bill faces firm opposition from Republicans in the Senate, citing the overall level of spending, regulatory changes, and climate change-related provisions in the bill, according to the National Law Review.

Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell called the bill “pointless political theater.”

The White House is expected to veto the bill.