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Aug. 1, 2010
Tank Connection is a provider of storage containment systems, including tanks using the RTP (rolled, tapered panel) design.

Storage tanks

Tank Connection is a provider of storage containment systems, including tanks using the RTP (rolled, tapered panel) design. The company's proprietary LIQ Fusion 7000 FBE™ coating system is NSF 61-approved. Municipal water tank under construction (pictured) is field installed from grade level using a special synchronized jacking system. Capacity of the tank is 4.5 million gallons. RTP construction is available in bolted tank sizes up to 10 million gallons.
Tank Connection
Parsons, KS
Tel: 620-423-3010
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Prestressed concrete tanks

A prestressed concrete reservoir constructed by Preload for the City of Sheboygan earned a 2009 Decorative Concrete Design Award. The award was part of a prestigious program showcasing best uses of ready-mixed concrete in Wisconsin and Michigan's Upper Peninsula (UP). Six million gallons of clean water are now held in the reserve thanks to ready mixed concrete all cast on the jobsite. The project shows that cast-in-place concrete has many benefits including cost effective construction. Preload designs and constructs prestressed concrete tanks used for water, wastewater, chilled water and chemical storage facilities.
Preload Inc.
Hauppauge, NY
Tel: 888-773-5623
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Floating cover systems

GTI's modular floating cover systems control algae and odors in tanks and lagoons. The durable, UV protected covers float on the water in a tank or lagoon and block sunlight, thus controlling algae growth. The covers can also be used to provide insulation and reduce odors. The covers are custom-fabricated to fit your application and can be removed and reinstalled.
Geomembrane Technologies Inc.
Tel: 506-452-7304
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Storage tanks

Aquastore® glass-fused-to-steel tanks feature steel panels fused with glass frit at 1,500°F in a controlled furnace to create a strong, integrated material that's specifically suited for municipal water storage and treatment. Over 95 percent of the more than 800 Aquastore tanks built 20 years ago or longer are still in service. All design and engineering is done in-house for quality control and cost efficiency.
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Tank mixing

The Process Solutions Tank Shark maintains complete mixing of a tank or reservoir while generating real time water samples and keeping chlorine or chloramine injection to the desired levels. The system accomplishes all of this without placing any mechanical or electrical equipment inside the water storage vessel. This allows for simple installation, operation and maintenance. Capacities range from 100,000 to 50,000,000 gallons.
Process Solutions Inc.
Tel: 408-370-6540
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Cathodic protection

Engineers at Farwest Corrosion Control Co. have patented a cathodic protection (CP) controller for steel water tank applications that uses the energy generated by the magnesium anodes and an isolated copper electrode to power the controller and automatically regulate the tank to water voltage potential in a galvanic CP system. The PowerMag controller then automatically adjusts anode current to maintain a constant IR free tank-to-water potential. Using the latest in electronic digital technology, the control circuit operates on as little as 3 milliamperes drain from the anode system.
Farwest Corrosion Control Co.
Tel: 888-532-7937
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Polymer linings

Sauereisen's SewerGard 210 family of protective polymer linings is formulated to exhibit low permeability. This enhances corrosion resistance and extends the longevity of municipal infrastructure such as manholes, lift stations, grit chambers, and clarifiers. The lining is available in several variations to accommodate desired thickness and methods of application.
Pittsburgh, PA
Tel: 412-963-0303
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Prestressed concrete tanks

DYK has extensive expertise in the design, prestressing and construction of buried or architecturally enhanced water and wastewater storage tanks. For nearly 50 years, the company has worked with clients to complete the storage of over 4 billion gallons of liquid in well-known municipal and private facilities worldwide. Photo shows completed construction of a 2 million gallon tank.
DYK Inc.
El Cajon, CA
Tel: 800-227-8181
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Steel bolted tanks

Columbian TecTank specializes in the in-house design, manufacture and construction of factory-coated steel bolted storage tanks. Its new HydroTec™ liquid tanks are designed for a variety of municipal applications including potable water, wastewater, sludge storage and aerobic/anaerobic digesters. Their factory applied and thermally cured coatings provide corrosion resistance and long-term low maintenance requirements. The tanks can be erected on-site in 1/3rd the time of other tank designs with minimal surrounding environmental disruption.
Columbian TecTank
Tel: 913-621-3700
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Fixed axle tank

The BakerCorp Steel Fixed Axle Tank is ideal for a variety of applications, including sewage plant outages. Constructed of one-quarter inch ASTM A36 carbon steel and ranging from 18,900 to 21,000 gallons, the tanks can be manifolded together for larger projects. "V" bottom and round bottom floor designs allow for easy cleanout. Additional product features include four-inch butterfly valves and a chemical resistant coating. 22-inch manways on the top, front and side of the tank, along with a staircase to the top allow for maximum access.
Seal Beach, CA
Tel: 562-430-6262
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Polyurethane coating

Sherwin-Williams' SherFlex elastomeric polyurethane coating and lining system has been approved to ANSI/NSF Standard 61 for use in potable water tanks of 3,000 gallons or greater. The high-build, impact and chemical resistant elastomeric polyurethane is designed for coating concrete and steel potable water assets. If it is cured at 77 degrees F, owners can begin the disinfection process 24 hours later. SherFlex meets AWWA D-102-06 ICS #4 and ANSI/NSF Standard 61 for potable water.
Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings
Cleveland, OH
Tel: 800-524-5979
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Fiberglass shelters

Bevco Engineering manufactures fiberglass shelters that are self-contained, prewired, and designed to protect municipal generators, safety showers, pumps, chlorination and monitoring equipment, and other field instruments from the elements. Most models feature one-piece molded construction with no gaps or seams. Fiberglass reinforced polyester EHD with HG gel coat finish provides an extended life and will not deteriorate or corrode.
Bevco Engineering
Sussex, WI
Tel: 262-820-2400
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