Autodesk's GIS software helps City of Taipei protect public safety and manage city infrastructure

Sept. 6, 2002
The Taipei (Taiwan) City Government has deployed Autodesk's GIS technology as part of its 'CyberCity' initiative to bring government services online.

San Rafael, Calif., September 6, 2002 -- Autodesk Inc. announced that the Taipei (Taiwan) City Government (TCG) has deployed Autodesk's Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology as part of its "CyberCity" initiative to bring government services online.

TCG is using Autodesk MapGuide, Autodesk OnSite View, and Autodesk OnSite Enterprise software to help them reach the initiative's goals. The Autodesk GIS implementation, known as the "CityLook" Reporting and Management System, is designed to more efficiently manage city infrastructure, protect public safety, keep the city clean, and meet the evolving needs of citizens for more government accessibility online.

Limited Space, New Strategies

With physical expansion constrained by geography, the City of Taipei and its 2.6 million residents have experienced heavy congestion and an overtaxed municipal infrastructure. Without space to expand, the city government turned to cyberspace to improve the quality of life and help give businesses the competitive edge of working in a world-class city.

The goal of the CyberCity initiative is to establish an easily accessible network to help bridge the gap between residents, businesses, and the city government. By bringing government services and processes online, city employees become cyber civil servants making government more accessible and the delivery of services faster and more efficient.

Using the Reporting and Management System, city employees can collect a wide range of information linked to Taipei's digital topographical maps, review the data, and help establish a highly efficient workflow across relevant city departments. They can create work orders and automatically send them to the appropriate city department and field crews for action.

The field crews can check the status of the reported cases on wireless devices on the spot and once the problem has been corrected, can easily access the system to report completion and close the work order.

Currently, more than 100 community service team members remotely monitor and report on services and maintenance of roads and bridges, street lights and traffic signals and trees and parks; facilities management (water, gas, electric); and garbage collection. Additionally, administrators in any of the city's 435 districts and citizens with Internet access can report problems using a web browser running the Autodesk MapGuide client application, which is easily downloaded from the city website.

"The intuitive graphical user interface of Autodesk software has made the system very easy to learn for residents and employees and we can easily set up a new online service within a very short timeframe, said Miss Mai-Zhu Hsieh, Community Service, TCG. "This system successfully demonstrates that Taipei is a city ready for the challenges of this century."

The CityLook Reporting and Management System was built by GAIAS GIS, Inc., an Autodesk reseller. For more information on the Taipei CyberCity initiative, visit

About Autodesk

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