Products & Services: Chemicals & Application Equipment

Sept. 1, 2016
Collection of chemicals & application equipment products and services.
Biodegradable packaging film

EcoSol® film from Cortec is a water soluble, biodegradable, polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) film ideally suited for packaging applications where dissolvability and biodegradability are needed. Products packaged in EcoSol can be thrown into a treatment area without removing the film. After a few minutes of immersion in water at the right temperature, the EcoSol film will dissolve into a harmless, non-toxic aqueous solution of polyvinyl alcohol, releasing the packaged product to do its work. The film’s polyvinyl alcohol byproduct will further degrade into simple carbon dioxide and water about 30 days after being exposed to common microorganisms such as those found in water treatment plants.

Cortec Corporation

Dust-tight mobile drum dumper

Flexicon’s new TIP-TITE® Mobile Drum Dumper allows dust-free transfer of bulk materials from drums into process equipment and storage vessels. Ready to plug in and run, it is mounted on a mobile frame with quick-action floor jacks for stable operation anywhere in the plant. A hydraulic cylinder raises the drum carriage which seals the drum rim against a discharge cone, after which a second hydraulic cylinder tips the carriage-hood assembly and drum, stopping at a predetermined dump angle of either 45, 60 or 90 degrees with a motion-dampening feature.

Flexicon Corporation

Chemical dosing pump

Blue-White’s Proseries-M® MD-3 Diaphragm Metering Pump has 2000:1 turndown, and provides smooth chemical dosing with no pulsation dampener required. With 380 strokes per minute, the metering pump provides a remarkably steady flow. The MD-3 is built to provide long service life at high pressures and no pressure regulator is needed. A single model includes all necessary components for installation, and the drop-in-place design of the MD-3, along with conveniently built-in controls, make installation and set-up fast and efficient. The PVDF wetted end fittings allow for more than 14 inlet and outlet configurations.

Blue-White Industries

Metering pump

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group’s Qdos 120 is a peristaltic metering pump offering flows up to 31.7 gallons per hour (gph) at a maximum pressure of 58 pounds per square inch (psi), double the flow of existing models in the Qdos range of peristaltic metering pumps. This latest addition to the product range builds upon the Qdos suite of high-accuracy chemical metering technology, and delivers a step-change in performance and usability compared to conventional solenoid or stepper-driven diaphragm metering pumps. All models in the Qdos family are designed to eliminate the need for ancillaries, boost productivity, and cut chemical wastage due to its highly accurate, linear and repeatable metering.

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group

Volume control

The E.R.I.C.™ metering pump series from Milton Roy, a brand of Accudyne Industries, is designed for water treatment and chemical processing. Available in two control configurations - manual and enhanced - the E.R.I.C. metering pump series’ variable speed drive offers 1,000:1 turndown capabilities, with +/- 1% steady state accuracy. The new drive features instantaneous capacity adjustment capabilities that offer superior accuracy and responsiveness where system pressures fluctuate or are inconsistent. As a result, E.R.I.C. provides greater flexibility for handling a wide range of chemicals, polymers, viscous fluids and slurries.

Milton Roy

Accurate dosing

Neptune’s Series MP7100 mechanically actuated diaphragm metering pump incorporates the ruggedness of a hydraulic diaphragm metering pump, eliminates the need for intermediate fluid or hydraulic oil to actuate the diaphragm and reduces the potential for gearbox oil to contaminate the process. It provides reliable and accurate dosing of a wide range of mild to aggressive chemicals. The pump gears operate in an oil bath for longer life while its finned gearbox design dissipates heat efficiently. Maximum capacity range up to 275 gph (1,041 L/h), pressures to 235 psi (16 bar), and a suction-lift exceeding 20 ft. (6 m) on water-like chemicals.

Neptune, part of PSG®, a Dover company