Resource Spotlight

Dec. 1, 2016
Collection of books, etc. dealing with water issues.
Chromium-6 communications

In light of the recent Environmental Working Group (EWG) report regarding elevated levels of chromium-6 in water systems across the U.S., the Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA) has prepared free resources on its website to help answer questions about chromium-6 and the MCL.


New superstore location

To better serve the Midwest and Great Lakes areas of the country, truck-mounted vacuum truck manufacturer Super Products LLC has opened a location in Merrillville, Ind. Customers will find this new facility to be an ideal one-stop shop to fulfill a broad range of vacuum truck needs including new and used vehicle purchases, equipment rentals, and parts; consumable and accessory items. The new Merrillville location also has a dedicated service center where customers can get their current Super Products trucks worked on and maintained. The new Indiana location joins Super Products Superstore locations in California, Texas, Louisiana, and New Jersey.

Super Products LLC

Belted drive online selection tool

TB Wood’s has recently introduced more enhancements to its popular online Belted Drive Selection Program at The improved online program now checks the arm/web strength of a sheave/sprocket along with the bushing torque rating for suitability of the application. The program will now automatically drop bushing solutions with torque ratings that are inappropriate and notify the user to “Evaluate peak torque applied to the bushing” to verify acceptability of the application for bushing solutions that are marginal. The enhanced web-based tool works on PC, tablet or Mac platforms.

TB Wood’s

Smartphone app

Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings has expanded access to its water and wastewater app to smartphone users, making protective coating recommendations readily available to users anywhere. The app provides on-the-go protective coating recommendations for more than 35 functional areas across six water and wastewater operations. Recommendations include the primary coating system to use, the appropriate dry film thickness for each coat, and the total mils for the system. Results also include surface preparation tips, descriptions of coating application processes and links to product data sheets.

Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings

New company branding

LiquiTech, a pioneer in secondary water treatment that has helped hundreds of facilities reduce the incidence of Legionella and other waterborne pathogens for more than a quarter century, has announced a complete set of solutions that include strategic water management plans and disinfection. The company’s strategy is showcased on a new website and reflected in a corporate tagline, “Innovation in Water Security™”. The company also unveiled a new logo and graphics. The multi-barrier solutions maintain LiquiTech’s well-known copper silver ionization technology but add ultraviolet disinfection and sediment filtration.


Video resources

Val-Matic now has a library of reference videos. A wide range of topics are covered, including how an air valve works; coating adhesion; and making your system safe with an inflow preventer. If you are curious about how you can reduce slam with a Val-Matic check valve, protect your system with Val-Matic pump controls, provide power supply with Val-Matic accumulators or even just learn more about Val-Matic, the videos are available for viewing now.