WWEMA Celebrates its 100th Anniversary

Oct. 1, 2007
For 100 years, the Water and Wastewater Equipment Manufacturers Association (WWEMA) has been the voice of the water industry’s manufacturers.

by Brian Harrell

For 100 years, the Water and Wastewater Equipment Manufacturers Association (WWEMA) has been the voice of the water industry’s manufacturers. Whether or not you are aware of it, WWEMA has impacted your business numerous times throughout the years. The association battles flawed legislation and advocates on Capitol Hill for much needed increases in water industry spending. It is often called upon to act as an advisor to the EPA and Congress, acting in the interests of all segments of our industry.

For 100 years WWEMA has been behind the scenes promoting the interests which all water and wastewater equipment companies share. All manufacturers benefit from the association’s actions, but the biggest benefits are gained from being an active member. Many of the largest companies in the industry are actively involved in WWEMA. Those manufacturers which are not members should take the opportunity to join this dynamic organization and make their company’s voice heard. WWEMA provides members with access, influence, insight, and networking opportunities with the key players in the water and wastewater industry at the most influential levels of government.


A major benefit that WWEMA provides its members is access. This includes access to the nation’s policy makers, access to the governmental entities that enforce regulation, and access to international markets. The association provides a vital link between its members and governmental entities, international trade agencies, and industrial organizations worldwide. WWEMA has a long standing reputation of being advisors or partners with the EPA, AWWA, WEF, Congress and many other key stakeholders in the water and wastewater industry.


WWEMA provides direct influence throughout the entire industry. Its members have the opportunity to directly influence new regulations. This influence extends throughout the market to all aspects of products and technology. WWEMA members have the opportunity to directly influence the industry’s future. The association responds to regulatory proposals and conducts face-to-face meetings with the nation’s policy makers to refine and improve regulations which will have a direct impact on our companies. Its members are given the opportunity to help shape environmental laws and regulations, which may ultimately determine demand for your products.


WWEMA is constantly vigilant to vital developments in the industry. Its members gain valuable insights into how these changes and trends will effect their business. WWEMA members receive up-to-the-minute information through the Washington Analysis, its bi-monthly newsletter that is packed with industry intelligence reports. Through its e-mail service, WWEMA provides Action Alert Bulletins, special reports, executive reports, and up-to-the-minute news releases that help to keep us informed of vital developments in the industry.


WWEMA members have the opportunity to network with a wide range of manufacturing professionals from all segments of our industry. Have you ever wondered how the ‘big players’ became so successful? WWEMA gives you the chance to ask them yourself. Do you want to learn about success stories (and failures) in the industry? Association members offer hundreds of them. Are you looking for opportunities to team up with others in the industry and get into new international markets? WWEMA members could be the perfect match. The association provides a large cooperative network that is always at your disposal.

WWEMA has different focus groups which concentrate on issues that are pertinent to different groups of people. These groups are always available to help members with their concerns. The Presidents Council meets once a year to discuss the serious issues facing our companies in the industry today. The Financial & Contract Administration Council helps its members negotiate through challenging terms & conditions that may arise on projects throughout the world. The Manufacturer’s Representatives Council, Marketing Communications Council, and the currently forming Engineering Council all stand ready to serve the needs of WWEMA members.

Even though we all receive benefits from WWEMA’s efforts, only by becoming a member can you access all that the association offers. If you have an interest in joining or wish to obtain more information, you can visit the WWEMA website, www.wwema.org, or call and talk with WWEMA President Dawn Kristof Champney, or Vice President Susan Helling.

About the Author:

Brian Harrell is CFO of EUTEK® SystemsTM, a grit removal and dewatering company. Harrell also serves as chair of WWEMA’s Marketing and Member Services Committee and holds a seat on the WWEMA Board of Directors.

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