ADS Environmental: 136 monitors in 14 days keeps San Diego's system in operation

Aug. 3, 2005
Selected in June for technical merit, project plan and price, ADS has already completed the first phase of San Diego's Monitoring and Event Notification Project, a new flow monitoring and billing network...

HUNTSVILLE, AL, Aug. 3, 2005 -- ADS Environmental Services, a full-service sewer flow monitoring equipment provider, announces the successful installation of San Diego's Monitoring and Event Notification Project. Selected in June for technical merit, project plan and price, ADS has already completed the first phase of the project -- 136 permanent monitors delivered, installed with wireless and tele-metered communication, and activated with IntelliServe™ web-hosted system within 14 calendar days of receipt of a Notice to Proceed.

The city of San Diego needed to install a new flow monitoring network without losing any data in the transition. This was a critical issue for San Diego as reliable data was key to a successful billing year in FY2006 and a consent decree requirement. It chose ADS for the project as offering the best overall proposal.

"Our company structure and size allow us to deploy a large number of devices more rapidly than anyone else," states Hal Kimbrough, ADS operations director. "A job of this magnitude depends upon the near instant availability of a wide range of talent, from hardware and software engineers and web systems analysts to data analysts and field technicians. Our local installation team drew upon our resources across the globe -- from North Carolina to Sydney, Australia."

The installation and activation of the network within two calendar weeks was a commitment ADS made in the negotiation of the contract, yet one that San Diego had to see to believe. All monitors installed are intrinsically safe and installations took place in dense metropolitan areas, military bases, and difficult-to-access canyons. Pipe sizes on this project ranged from 8" to 108" and flow velocities varied from 1/8 foot per second to over 9 feet per second. Other installation challenges included high gas levels requiring extraordinary ventilation and night-time installations to avoid high traffic areas and dangerously high flows.

ADS Environmental Services (, a division of ADS Corporation, is a leading technology and service provider and a reliable source of knowledge to the global wastewater collection system industry. Monitors manufactured, installed, and maintained by ADS measure over 4 billion gallons of flow daily across the globe. ADS delivers value to its customers by providing industry-leading solutions for flow monitoring, data analysis, reporting, and field services. These customers rely on Underground Intelligence¿¥ from ADS to manage planning and rehabilitation, satellite community billing, regulatory compliance, O&M, and model calibration.


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