Diversa chooses Labtronics' NEXXIS qELN to enforce SOPs

Nov. 22, 2005
Electronic laboratory notebook will help genomic specialist improve laboratory productivity while making it easier to prove compliance with regulations such as FDA 21 CFR Part 11...

SAN DIEGO, CA, & GUELPH, ON, Candada, Nov. 22, 2005 -- Labtronics Inc., a world leader in providing innovative laboratory data integration and management software solutions, announced that Diversa Corp. has chosen NEXXIS qELN, an electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) designed specifically for QA/QC laboratories, to enforce its standard operating procedures (SOPs) during the media preparation and execution of production processes. Diversa is a leader in applying proprietary genomic technologies for the rapid discovery and optimization of novel products from genes and gene pathways.

Historically, Diversa's media preparation process has been a paper-based, manual process. NEXXIS qELN will allow Diversa to create electronic SOPs that interface directly to their laboratory instruments, eliminating manual transcription errors and ensuring complete compliance with all steps of the process. This will decrease laboratory operating costs and improve productivity by removing the need to monitor and confirm the accuracy of operator entry in the SOP. NEXXIS qELN will also increase their diligence on validation of regulatory runs, which is vital to Diversa as they continue to grow their business in regulated markets such as pharmaceutical, agriculture and biotechnology.

Diversa also opted to incorporate Labtronics' chemical inventory management module, NEXXIS CIM, as part of the total solution to help them improve their chemical inventory tracking. NEXXIS CIM is fully integrated with NEXXIS qELN allowing Diversa to automatically manage their inventory as chemicals are used during the SOP process of media preparation.

"As our business continues to grow it is extremely important for Diversa to find ways to improve productivity in order to capitalize on that growth and maximize our profitability," said Charles Isaac, Director of Bioprocess Development at Diversa Corporation. "Labtronics' NEXXIS qELN solution will improve the productivity of our media preparation and execution of our processes and ensure that we are in complete compliance with all of the regulations that our markets demand."

"Today the need for regulated companies to ensure total compliance with corporate SOPs is greater than ever and Labtronics is responding to this need with solutions to automate and validate that SOPs are fully and accurately completed," said Robert Pavlis, President of Labtronics Inc. "We are excited that an industry leader such as Diversa has turned to Labtronics to improve their SOP processes and bring them to the next level of productivity and regulatory compliance."

Diversa Corp. (www.diversa.com) is a leader in applying proprietary genomic technologies for the rapid discovery and optimization of novel protein-based products. It's directing its integrated portfolio of technologies to the discovery, evolution, and production of commercially valuable molecules with agricultural, chemical, industrial, and pharmaceutical applications. The company has established alliances and joint ventures with market leaders, such as BASF, Bayer Animal Health, Cargill Health and Food Technologies, DSM Pharma Chemicals, DuPont Bio-Based Materials, Medarex, Merck, and Xoma. In addition, it has formed a broad strategic relationship with Syngenta AG, a world-leading agribusiness company. Diversa has commercialized products both independently and in collaboration with strategic partners and licensees.

An industry leader and innovator in laboratory data integration and management solutions, Labtronics (www.labtronics.com) combines advanced software and unparalleled data integration expertise to help customers derive more value from their laboratory data. With customers around the world and offices in North America and Europe, Labtronics' solutions help customers improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their laboratories while reducing their cost for regulatory compliance and increasing the speed with which they can release products from quality testing to the market.


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