United Nations study outlines clear case for conservation

April 18, 2005
Cadence Network says conservation allows healthy environment, bottom line...

CINCINNATI, OH, April 18, 2005 -- A study recently released by the United Nations warns that we are depleting our natural resources too fast and are in danger of destroying nearly two thirds of the Earth's ecosystems This comes at the same time as estimates from the Energy Information Administration predict that in just two decades, United States energy consumption will increase by almost 40% -- an amount equivalent to the energy used aggregately today in California, Texas, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Illinois.

With Earth Day only days away, it's time to step back and audit our finite resources, say energy management experts from Cadence Network. Cadence works with chain store and multiple site businesses to identify invoice and usage overages and anomalies, enabling a proactive management of energy consumption and other finite natural resources like water and recyclable waste.

According to most international environmental leaders, including UK Environmental Minister Sam Galbraith, "energy efficiency is the most cost effective way" of saving energy and dollars for business. He explains that many businesses find savings of upwards of 20% once an energy advisor has visited a company and flagged energy usage. In addition, according to Energy Star, "a strategic approach to energy management can produce twice the savings -- for the bottom line and the environment -- as typical approaches."

"Savings from your energy bills go straight to your bottom line," Galbraith said. "There is no business or environmental advantage in using more energy than is absolutely necessary."

Hart and his team echo the Environment Minister's statements, having saved hundreds of millions of dollars for its clients over the past six years, and over $5 million since October, 2004 -- a byproduct of which is savings of finite natural resources. Hart points to a specific recent incident where a water leak would have gone undetected had it not been for CadenceEnterpriseTM software alerting users to the individual store site anomaly.

"With hundreds and even thousands of invoices coming in to major multiple site organizations, finding these anomalies without our software is like looking for a needle in a haystack," Hart explained. "Not only do we routinely find excessive usage of water, but also gas, electricity and even telecommunications, and our clients trust us to take steps to correct the error, facilitate reimbursements, and procure at the best rates nationwide.

"In addition, there is a tremendous savings of time. Through Cadence, our clients gain unprecedented visibility of their individual sites, giving them overall control of a variety of critical business decisions," Hart added.

Cadence Network Inc. (www.cadencenetwork.com) is an expense management firm that delivers comprehensive expense management solutions for chain store and multiple site businesses in the banking, restaurant, retail, and grocery industries. The people and products of Cadence allow successful businesses to monitor and manage the third largest costs of doing business -- electric, gas, water, sewer, trash, lease and telecommunications. The solutions designed are customized to address the unique business requirements of companies with many sites and many departments managing many vendors across many geographically dispersed locations. The company offers accounts payable outsourcing, web based software applications and professional services.


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