Fluence secures US$7.6M contract n Egypt

Oct. 19, 2018
Twelve NIROBOX™ Smart Packaged desalination units to be delivered by Q4 2018 marks largest NIROBOX™ sale to date for deployment on the Mediterranean coast.
Fluence's three (3) plants for IWSI will consist of a total of twelve (12) NIROBOX™ SW-XL units, pictured. (Photo: Business Wire)

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA & NEW YORK, OCT 19, 2018 -- Fluence Corporation Limited has signed contracts totaling US$7.6 million through its Egyptian joint venture entity The International Co. for Water Services & Infrastructure (IWSI) to supply three separate NIROBOX™ Smart Packaged seawater desalination plants to projects owned by the Egyptian Ministry of Housing.

The plants, which will consist of a total of 12 Nirobox SW- XL units currently in inventory, are expected to be delivered by Q4 2018 and be fully operational by Q2 2019. Once operational, the plants will collectively supply 12,000 m3/day of potable water in northern Egypt, along the Mediterranean Sea. In addition, Fluence received a service contract to operate and maintain the units.

Fluence's Nirobox Smart Packaged plants offer compact, localized treatment options that are ideally suited for providing drinkable water in remote coastal and river regions. Once commissioned, the entire plant will be fully automatic and able to be remotely monitored with minimal maintenance compared to a traditional centralized desalination plant. This project is a prime example of Fluence's continued global expansion of the Nirobox family of products. The Company previously announced Nirobox contract wins this year in the Bahamas, Philippines, Barbuda, and Argentina.

Henry Charrabé, Managing Director and CEO of Fluence, commented: "This is our largest single Nirobox Smart Packaged plant sale to date. Our fast deployment time played a significant role in the customer's selection of Fluence for this project. The Nirobox SW plants for seawater desalination provide a substantial reduction in deployment time, capital and operating expenditures, and footprint required, compared to a conventional desalination solution. The additional service contract further increases Fluence's recurring revenues and ensures proper operation and maintenance of the plants. We are excited to provide these state-of-the-art Smart Packaged systems to our customer in Egypt and look forward to working on future opportunities through the recently established joint venture." IWSI is a joint venture formed earlier this year by the Company.

Given the Egyptian government's advocacy of increased desalination capacity over the coming years, Fluence is ideally positioned to meet the growing water needs of this new market for Fluence.