Clean Age Minerals Inc. reports encouraging test results in agricultural applications

Dec. 10, 2002
Clean Age Minerals Inc. has achieved significant odor mitigation and nutrient capture results from the interim testing of the application of its Patented CA-Series Products on agricultural manure.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., Dec. 10, 2002 -- Dov Amir, Chairman of Daleco Resources Corp. reported Tuesday that its subsidiary Clean Age Minerals Inc. has been able to achieve significant odor mitigation and nutrient capture results from the interim testing of the application of its Patented CA-Series Products on agricultural manure.

He adds that the results are another confirmation of commercial application of the patented environmental product.

Gary Novinskie, Daleco's President, noted that since the acquisition of Clean Age Minerals in the later part of 2000, and with the assistance of our strategic partner, Sumitomo Corporation of America, a great deal of effort has been expended to redefine the potential and identify recurring market applications for Clean Age Mineral's CA-Series products.

The environmental issues associated with the expanded use of so called "factory farms" and their potential discharge of offensive odors and for ground water contamination from excessive nutrient runoff presented just such an application.

Clean Age Minerals' President, Robert E. Martin, stated that the "bench testing" of the company's CA-Series materials with respect to environmental issues associated animal wastes has been an ongoing process. He noted that the latest round of tests were initiated in late 2001 and have specifically focused on waste generated from hog and poultry farms.

These types of operations were selected because they tend to utilize significantly higher concentrations of animals and therefore represent greater concentrations of potential environmentally unfriendly discharges.

He added that Clean Age has been able to reduce odors more than 75% and capture as much as 80% of the nutrient components (NPK) initially contained in the raw liquid and solid fractions of the waste stream samples.

The company believes that the capture or "cleansing" rate is critically important when treating waste streams with high liquid fractions (95-98% liquid) such as those associated with the hog industry. He concluded by noting that the Agricultural Sector is a key segment being addressed the company's marketing and distribution partner, Sumitomo Corporation of America.

Daleco Resources is an international asset and technology aggregation and monetization company with operating subsidiaries active in oil and gas, timber, minerals, environmental remediation and technology. Clean Age Minerals, wholly owned subsidiary of Daleco Resources Corporation, is a mineral extraction and processing company with holdings in New Mexico, Texas, and Utah.

The company focuses on the utilization of its minerals and Patented CA Series of Products in industrial and environmental application. Sumitomo Corporation of America, wholly owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Corporation, is a fully integrated trading and investment enterprise with offices in 14 major U.S. Cities.

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