Virtual design of Carmel, Calif., tracks environmental impacts

Oct. 8, 2002
The Schneider Corp. has designed a 3-D virtual model, known as Veracity™, of the US 31 corridor for the City of Carmel, Indiana.

Indianapolis, Ind., October 8, 2002 -- The Schneider Corp. has designed a 3-D virtual model, known as Veracity™, of the US 31 corridor for the City of Carmel, Indiana.

The model displays a mile long stretch of US 31 from 126th to 136th Streets.

As one of the fastest growing cities in the Midwest, the City of Carmel identified this largely undeveloped stretch of US 31 as part of its corporate headquarter business corridor.

To avoid environmental and economic issues, Carmel city officials recognized that a 3D model could help them visualize potential environmental and economic impacts of proposed developments prior to construction, ultimately improving efficiency of their evaluation and approval process.

The city of Carmel looked to Schneider to prepare a virtual 3-D interactive model of this section of US 31 that could accurately portray the proposed improvements. The 3-D model allows the City to review plans in the context of all existing site features emphasizing qualitative design over quantitative development.

The Veracity™ model created by Schneider will be extremely beneficial to the City of Carmel's planning and development efforts. The model acts as a design development and visualization tool with state-of-the-art technology, to provide a realistic view in a 3-D fashion. This is the most distinct benefit of this model as it eliminates the guesswork involved with the interpretation of the traditional 2-dimensional (2-D) drawings.

Veracity™ will also benefit Carmel in its efforts to secure funding and investment. Schneider's Sector Five Director, Matt Maudlin explains, "With these exciting visualization tools, the model can aid in obtaining funding and investment opportunities for Carmel. I'm confident that the reality of the model will help to secure such necessary funds for the project and offer a realistic picture that will entice economic development opportunities to the corridor."

"One of our greatest challenges during this time of rapid growth is to maintain the high quality of development along the Meridian Street Corridor. The stringent planning and zoning guidelines have produced a consistent corporate look as opposed to a string of retail establishments, as seems to be the case in many other cities," said Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard.

The City of Carmel faces many challenges with interpreting proposed plans for developments, determining their potential visual impact on surrounding areas, and educating the public about how these proposed developments will appear.

The model seeks to overcome these challenges by offering a virtual insight into the proposed project, impacting the viewer in a way that cannot be accomplished with traditional 2-D drawings. The model promotes public education by providing an opportunity to visually explore the alternatives, in a hands-on, interactive manner.

The city was also challenged with ensuring that growth needs are met while protecting the area's aesthetic appeal. The model addresses these concerns by allowing proposed development plans to be easily inserted which permits the viewer to "virtually" move within the model and fully understand the proposal and its impact before anything is ever built.

"We pride ourselves on the fact that we have been able to attract several corporate headquarters to the location due to its professional appearance, easy access and the high quality of life Carmel residents enjoy. This 3-D model, designed by Schneider, will allow us to more clearly share our vision to attract the type of businesses that fulfill our long-term economic development goals," added Mayor Brainard.

Maudlin adds, "Most visualization programs don't provide a realistic picture or perspective of a building or development, so it's difficult to really know and communicate visual impact before it's built. Our interactive model allows Carmel to see how the new development will be integrated within their community by providing a realistic picture of what's being approved."

The Schneider Corporation was established in 1962 and is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. It is the largest surveying, engineering, and architectural consulting firm in Indiana. With four offices throughout Indiana, Schneider celebrates its 40th anniversary of specializing in providing outstanding visual solutions in its mission to exceeding the needs of its clients.

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