San Jose Water Company selects Locus Platform for environmental compliance management

Nov. 29, 2016
Water utility will use platform to configure a range of environmental compliance apps for tracking and reporting water discharges and hazardous material inspections.
Locus Technologies has partnered with San Jose Water Company for an implementation of the Locus Platform.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, NOVEMBER 29, 2016 -- Locus Technologies (Locus), a leading provider of cloud-based software solutions to streamline EHS regulation and compliance management, has partnered with San Jose Water Company for an implementation of the Locus Platform.

San Jose Water Company is an investor-owned water utility that serves over one million people in the greater San Jose metropolitan area. San Jose Water Company has been a customer of Locus since 2014, and has been using Locus EIM and Locus Mobile for its drinking water compliance activities. After finding success with their EIM solution, San Jose Water Company is expanding its Locus usage to Locus Platform.

San Jose Water Company will take advantage of the flexibility of the Locus Platform to configure a range of environmental compliance apps for tracking and reporting water discharges and hazardous material inspections, helping Locus to further strengthen its position in the water utilities market. By choosing to build most of their applications themselves, San Jose is taking advantage of Locus Platform's easy-to-use configuration workbench to create unique and effective solutions. They will be able to use Locus Platform to support compliance with EPA's Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, and Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA).

In addition to tracking discharges and inspections, San Jose Water Company will use Locus Platform's capabilities for reminders and checklists associated with other compliance requirements. They will also take advantage of Locus Platform's built-in mobile features to enable their custom apps and streamline data collection throughout their various departments.

Locus Platform's configurable solution will replace a range of self-built spreadsheet solutions and consolidate the water utility's environmental compliance in one application. With the built-in configuration flexibility, San Jose Water Company's Locus Platform will be able to grow and change as new regulatory requirements arise.

"Our recent successes in deploying our software solutions to customers in the water utility industry proves their versatile nature. San Jose Water Company needed a data management system that was tailored to their specific business practices. The Locus Platform allows for full configurability of its data collection tools, workflows, and outputs. By using these tools, the software solution fits the business -- not the other way around," said J. Wesley Hawthorne, President of Locus Technologies. "They were also impressed with their ability to self-configure and manage their own applications, which allows them to add new applications as their needs change."

About San Jose Water Company
San Jose Water Company (SJWC), a wholly owned subsidiary of SJW Group and founded in 1866, is an investor-owned water company headquartered in San Jose and is one of the largest and most technically sophisticated urban water system in the United States. SJWC serves over 1 million people in the greater San Jose metropolitan area comprising about 138 square miles. The utility delivers safe, high quality, and reliable water and exceptional customer service.

About Locus Technologies
Locus Technologies is a leading environmental and sustainability software company that has been helping organizations achieve environmental and compliance business excellence since 1997. Public and private companies, such as Chevron, Honeywell, Sempra, Monsanto, DuPont, San Jose Water Company and Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, rely on Locus to manage their water, air, and soil quality data for EHS compliance and sustainability tracking, as well as remediation efforts and environmental impacts. Locus provides mobile and cloud-based Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) software solutions to address the EHS and sustainability industry's most pressing information management challenges. For more information, visit