Web site examines impact of water on economy, environment, and society

May 18, 2011
CHICAGO, IL, May 18, 2011 -- A new web site, GrowingBlue.com, aims to provide a better understanding of today's and tomorrow's global and local water challenges and best practices...

CHICAGO, IL, May 18, 2011 -- A new web site, GrowingBlue.com, aims to provide a better understanding of today's and tomorrow's global and local water challenges and best practices.

Veolia Water launched the data-driven resource with municipalities, businesses and consumers in mind. The site uses a variety of tools, including animated maps, infographics and case studies, to provide a visual representation of the current state of water in 180 countries. The site also includes possible water availability scenarios in 2050 and examines the intrinsic link between water and economic prosperity, societal stability and environmental sustainability.

"Water is one of the most critical factors in determining how and at what pace our world can support humanity's continued growth," said Laurent Auguste, president and CEO of Veolia Water Americas. "The economic implications of the absence of water are no less profound than the environmental or societal implications."

According to Auguste, GrowingBlue.com examines water from all three perspectives, while providing real intelligence on more effectively managing this vital resource.

The site consists of three primary sections:

  • The Growing Blue™ Tool -- A summary of the current state of water in 180 countries worldwide, as well as an initial focus on 50 U.S. states and major cities. It translates complex data gathered from a number of resources into a series of animated maps and benchmarks. Facts and figures accompanying each map provide analysis and rank the region's water stress; municipal, agricultural and industrial water use; and condition of the current water delivery infrastructure. The information, including all data in its original spreadsheet format, is packaged into a PDF for water management officials and government leaders to download and use as a resource.
  • 2050 Scenarios -- Presents different economic, social and environmental scenarios that communities and companies worldwide could face in 2050 based on the implementation of sustainable water management practices versus "business as usual" approaches.
  • Implications of Growth -- A candid, data-driven assessment of water's economic, environmental and social impact that includes real-world examples of the costs, trade-offs and potential solutions to a variety of water challenges.

The site also contains case studies from around the world, addressing water challenges and potential solutions for mitigating risks.


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