Mass. Water Resources Authority will continue water quality monitoring of Massachusetts Bay

May 3, 2017
Battelle has been conducting the water quality monitoring of the Bay for MWRA since 1990. 

COLUMBUS, OHIO, MAY 3, 2017 -- TheMassachusetts Water Resources Authority(MWRA) has chosenBattelle, the world's largest independent research and development organization, to continue water quality monitoring to assess potential impacts associated with the discharge of municipal wastewater effluent into Massachusetts Bay. Battelle has been conducting the water quality monitoring of the Bay for MWRA since 1990.

The MWRA Harbor and Outfall Monitoring Program is a long-term project that monitors the effects of discharging treated sewage effluent into Massachusetts Bay. The project began in 1989 when MWRA began planning for an upgraded wastewater treatment system to mitigate the ecological and water quality impacts of discharging sewage into Boston Harbor.

"Monitoring waste water and its impacts on water quality and ecology is essential to keeping Massachusetts Bay safe and clean," said Battelle Program Manager Ellen Baptiste Carpenter. "We are pleased to continue our relationship with MWRA to protect the health of this critical marine environment."

Battelle has been working with MWRA for 27 years. Early work included siting and planning for the outfall tunnel and analysis of the effluent to look for chemical and biological signatures that would allow researchers to trace its fate and transport in the environment. Currently, Battelle provides long-term water column services to monitor and assess the potential impact of effluent discharge at the Massachusetts Bay outfall. The 2017 contract represents the 10th contract vehicle for the project. The monitoring period for the new contract extends through 2019 and analysis and reporting will be completed in 2020.

During this contract period, Battelle will be working with MWRA and the United States Environmental Protection Agency to review the current monitoring strategy and make recommendations to optimize the monitoring program going forward.

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