Workshop summary available from National Biosolids Partnership event

March 22, 2004
A summary of the NBP environmental management system (EMS) 101 training workshop that was held on January 20-21, 2004 is available for viewing.

March 22, 2004 -- A summary of the NBP environmental management system (EMS) 101 training workshop that was held on January 20-21, 2004 is available for viewing.

The summary can be downloaded in PDF format at :

The workshop covered EMS basics, the NBP EMS framework (the 17 Elements), how to get started, and instruction on how to develop an EMS that supports the four performance improvement "outcomes" (quality management practices, public participation, regulatory compliance, environmental performance).

The workshop was intended for agencies that are just getting started with their EMS effort.

In 2003, the National Biosolids Partnership (NBP) welcomed a group of new utilities into the Environmental Management System (EMS) demonstration program. The NBP hosted a 2-day EMS workshop in Alexandria, Virginia, in January 2004 to start these new agencies in the process of developing and implementing an EMS.

The workshop's key objectives were to explain both what an EMS is and how it can contribute to improved performance and foster public acceptance of biosolids management activities.

The workshop covered the pressures facing many biosolids operations, such as reduced land application sites and poor public perception of biosolids, and explained how implementing an EMS could help a utility address these issues.

Another key workshop objective was to introduce the new agencies to the NBP and its EMS framework, the 17 EMS Elements. The participants were given information about the formation of the NBP, its mission, its strategy, and the demonstration program. The participants were introduced to the 17 EMS Elements as well as the NBP's materials, which will serve as reference and guidance while developing their EMSs.

The report is intended to highlight some key topics covered during the workshop and serve as a high-level summary for those either unable to attend or interested in reviewing some of the workshop's key learning objectives.

If you have questions about any of the material included in this summary or would like more information, please contact your account executive or visit the NBP web site at

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