Florida WWTP uses crystalline technology to clean up Otter Creek

May 2, 2018
PENETRON crystalline technology reduces permeability and increases the lifespan of concrete structures.

EAST SETAUKET, NY, MAY 2, 2018 -- The April 2018 opening of the expanded and renovated Otter Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant in Tallahassee, Fla., used PENETRON crystalline technology to ensure durable and impermeable concrete structures.

For the citizens of Otter Creek in Northern Florida, poor quality drinking water was a grim reality. High levels of trihalomethanes and iron in the water supply confronted Otter Creek officials with a potential health hazard -- and no way to pay for a solution. When issued a Consent Order by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to improve water quality, town officials sought assistance for a plan to remedy the situation. Fortunately, Wakulla County, owner of the Otter Creek facility, was awarded a Federal loan of $6.8 million and a $3.9 million grant to cover the total costs for a project that included engineering services and construction of a new plant and improvements to the existing plant that was over 20-years old.

The final project included the new construction of a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) and upgrades to the existing WWTP. The upgrades added filtration and disinfection capabilities to meet the current Public Access Reuse Standards, which now provide for an enhanced level of nutrient removal (to increase the overall environmental benefit) and comply with Advance Treatment Wastewater (ATW) standards. The project also allows for future development of additional treatment capacity, as the existing plant was already at full capacity and could not manage any additional throughput. The completed project increased wastewater treatment capacity from 600,000 gallons/day to 1.2 million gallons/day.

"Construction of an additional WWTP helped take care of heavy rains and flooding, while accommodating future growth to ensure high quality drinking water for the community," adds Christopher Chen, Director of the Penetron Group. "PENETRON crystalline technology has become an invaluable tool for WWTP design engineers by reducing permeability and increasing the lifespan of concrete structures. This improves the performance and overall durability of the concrete."

Concrete structures that are part of the wastewater treatment process are continually exposed to aggressive environments. Concrete used in the headworks, grit collection, tertiary treatment, digestion, and disinfection tanks is exposed to chlorides, sulfates, nitrates, disinfectants, and an impressive array of aggressive compounds found in the incoming wastewater or from the addition of process chemicals, and even from the adjacent soils surrounding the plant. PENETRON ADMIX reduces concrete permeability, increases chemical resistance and enables self-sealing of new cracks. This enhances the structural durability of these key infrastructure components in aggressive environments.

"PENETRON crystalline products have been used successfully in countless wastewater treatment plants across the country. As a permeability-reducing admixture for hydrostatic conditions, it is particularly effective in aggressive environments; PENETRON ADMIX was the ideal waterproofing solution for Otter Creek," explains Mr. Chen.

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